Dreamo | Fall asleep easily with the help of the game

During the epidemic last year, I suffered from severe insomnia.

I flick my phone every night, and I don’t fall asleep until I’m too tired at 3 or 4 o’clock.

I tried a lot of sleep aid apps, but none really worked.

  • On the one hand, the content in the sleep aid app is too complicated. I just want to fall asleep quickly, and I don’t want to learn meditation and meditation from scratch, and I’m not interested in sleep monitoring and management.
  • On the other hand, my insomnia is psychological in nature. I dare not face the restlessness and emptiness after losing my phone. This cannot be solved by listening to the sound of ocean waves or a meditation audio.

So the real problem is that sleep aid apps are boring compared to social media and short videos! As long as it’s not interesting enough to pull my attention away from anxiety, I can’t continue to use it, and after three days of heat, I will fall into the state of playing with my phone and passing out again.

So I decided to make a sleep aid app that is effective enough and interesting enough

Half a year later, Dreamo was born~


Fall asleep easily with the help of games

Sleep guide, help you fall asleep quickly

In Dreamo, you will be guided by the voice of the dream spirit and enter the dreamland.

Step by step, you’ll unlock a new guide every day, all based on the questions that plague us most in modern life:

Suddenly, embarrassing memories, anxiety caused by social networks, mobile phone addiction, anxiety about the future and self-doubt…


Dreamo’s sleep aid audio combines techniques from psychodynamic therapy and behavioral training, as well as mindfulness meditation techniques from meditation guru Andy Puddicombi. After testing, a series of effective techniques have been screened, simplified and all nouns removed And complex operations are gradually arranged into the daily journey. You only need to follow the guidance of Meng Ling every day, and you can naturally learn more and more complex skills and solve deeper and deeper psychological problems before going to bed.

The effect of helping sleep is very obvious. In the previous internal test, more than 40% of people fell asleep before finishing listening.

Gamification design helps you develop habits

Only the devil can defeat the devil.

In the matter of going to bed early, the most difficult step is to turn off social media and short videos, and turn on the sleep aid app. What can help Dreamo do this is to use the game’s reward mechanism.

With daily use, you will gradually explore the dreamland, discover more scenes, and unlock props to decorate them.


You can also dress up your dream spirit, invite or visit friends, and take photos with them.


All the costumes and scenes are free , you only need to use it every day to unlock all the scenes; the costumes can be obtained by interacting with friends and looking for hidden easter eggs in the dreamland.

What you get each day is fairly limited, but interesting enough; this ensures that you’ll want to use it every day without being too excited to sleep.

With the help of game mechanics, you don’t need to have nerves of steel to get into the habit of going to bed early.

Dreamo started to develop in August 22nd, and after more than half a year, it finally completed all the content. It is currently undergoing public testing on the IOS platform, and it is expected to be officially launched from the end of March to the beginning of April. Interested friends can experience it through Apple Testflight.

Testflight link:


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