Evaluating ChatGPT is like pony crossing the river

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The recent review articles related to AI and ChatGPT are a bit PTSD, some articles are long and obscure, some articles are too technical, some continue to tout, and some start to downplay. As a spectator who is watching the excitement and being eager to move around, I only vaguely understand what prompt means. A good prompt can be sold for money; ChatGPT will not eliminate people, only those who can use ChatGPT will eliminate people… and other phenomena and opinions. Yesterday I saw someone express a point of view, to the effect that AI can only replace the work of junior programmers, and there is still some distance from senior human programmers. This reminds me of my experience last weekend. With the help of ChatGPT, I successfully completed the upgrade and transformation of the Blog theme. Without the help of ChatGPT, it would be an impossible task for me. Let me tell you about the general process: the currently used WordPress theme Writings Pro, you can set the font on the Customize page, which is much more friendly than directly changing CSS. Just like some niche Internet services, the author did not consider the support for Chinese. Although there are dozens or hundreds of fonts available in the list, none of them are for Chinese. So on a not so sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to forget about the lost theme author and try to change this situation by myself. It took about 30min-1h, and finally found that the webfonts.json file is associated with the font option list. Unlike the imagined font list, which is automatically read through a certain statement, each font corresponds to a piece of code similar to the following : It looks like a very simple and formatted piece of code. You only need to add the Chinese font information to the file according to the above format, and then you can use pure Chinese fonts. At this time, I thought that ChatGPT should be able to do this for me, and it was this idea that made me lose the patience to “find it myself” on search engines and GoogleFonts. Sure enough, you only need to find the specific font name on GoogleFonts, and then ask ChatGPT to update it with reference to the above format, and you can get a complete new code, which perfectly achieves the set goal after the update. The fly in the ointment is that ChatGPT cannot automatically list all the Chinese fonts on GoogleFonts, it can only give the method of how to find Chinese fonts, so you need to clearly give the font name to get the desired results. All I need to do is copy and paste over and over again. Regarding this optimization, it is worth making a separate record. With this experience, the following summary seems more personal: Compared with search engines, ChatGPT can do secondary processing, and the answers it gives are closer to the final needs of users. For example, the code this time can be used directly. But compared with the idealized advanced AI that will appear sooner or later, ChatGPT still needs more manual participation in some aspects. For example, it needs to clearly give the font name this time. Anyway, this time, it was enough surprise for me. Gradually, I feel that any evaluation of AI and ChatGPT is probably a pony crossing the river. Instead of talking about it, it is better to use it. As for how to try ChatGPT early, considering the current situation, you can search ChatGPT mirror

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