Experts say ChatGPT dialogue level has exceeded 90% of humans

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Tech Planet News on February 4th, recently, ChatGPT, a large-scale conversational language model released by OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence laboratory, has set off a frenzy on major Chinese and foreign media platforms. Foreign media commented that ChatGPT will become the next disruptor of the technology industry.

According to’s “Forerunner”, Huang Minlie, a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, said that it (ChatGPT) has exceeded the ability of 80% or even 90% of people. Others like GPT-3, its dialogue ability has exceeded the (human) average level. Professor Huang Minlie said that it can be expected to achieve human-like abilities in the future (dialogue).

It is worth mentioning that, according to a research report recently released by the investment bank UBS, the monthly active users of ChatGPT, a popular chat robot, are expected to reach 100 million in January this year, which is only two months away from its launch. The fastest growing consumer app in history.

According to public information, ChatGPT is a new chat robot model released by the artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI on November 30, 2022. It is a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence technology. It can conduct conversations by learning and understanding human language, and can also interact according to the context of the chat. It can truly chat and communicate like a human being, and can even complete tasks such as writing emails, video scripts, copywriting, translation, and code.


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