Eye Monitor Immersive Work Interruption Artifact

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The most common problem with writing code is that it is easy to get too immersed, and you can’t move for hours after writing. I recently discovered an application: Eye Monitor , which can solve the sedentary problem caused by immersive coding.

How is it different from a Pomodoro?

In many scenarios, the Pomodoro also has the function of interrupting, forcing you to do things/rest within a specific time range. But unlike most Pomodoros, this app implements some interesting activity algorithms to help you count time. The Pomodoro is clearly stuck on time, regardless of whether you have operated during this period, the time is up when the time is up.

Achieved effect

The effect achieved by Eye Monitor is that when your “fatigue” reaches 100%, it will give you a full-screen pop-up window, forcing you to rest. Although you can continue to skip, skipping itself does not reduce your fatigue, it just allows you to take a short break and then remind you to rest again. This design is a bit interesting.

For example, this is my rest statistics. You can see that the fatigue value will increase. If you have a rest in the middle, the fatigue value will decrease. If you start Coding again, you will submit it again. In addition to being used to remind yourself to rest, you can also check from time to time when you are in Happy Hacking and when you are fishing~

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