Finally bought my first microphone

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Good evening, friends, this is the “Her Blue” channel for people who love music and movies.

Today is a good day worthy of a small celebration for me, because I finally got my first microphone in my life today. Now I have finished recording this program with great expectations, which can be regarded as a small step for me to record a blog. Bar.

Let me introduce myself first. I am an uncle from a southern city. I really like photography and am inspired to make short films that I like, but I am still working on it now.

For this purpose, I also established a website of my own called “Her Blue” to share some of my favorite music, pictures and videos.

I am a relatively introverted person and rarely go out to socialize. However, I also realize that people are social animals and they still need to chat more with other people and go out more often.

Well, in the name of this podcast, I can practice my articulation skills and improve my speaking fluency. Secondly, I can also talk about topics that interest me. I remember that the idea of ​​recording a podcast was probably in high school. At that time, I wrote some manuscripts, but I was staying at my aunt’s house at the time and I didn’t have enough funds to buy equipment. Then I kept putting it off until Today, today can be regarded as fulfilling my little wish.

This time we will stop here and briefly introduce it to you.

So, at the end of the show, I will share a song that I like very much, and then I will give you a sentence. This is also a sentence that one of my favorite radio hosts will say at the end of every show, that is: Hope you are happy.

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