Five equal parts of flower marriage linkage coffee

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I went to Ikebukuro to watch a movie on Sunday, so I stopped by the “Five-Equivalent Flower Marriage” linkage coffee in Ikebukuro.

Different from the previous linkage coffee, he actually asked for tickets for this linkage coffee! ? This is the first time I have encountered the setting of buying tickets to go to coffee consumption.


First, go to the Peripheral/Ticket Office on the 4th floor.

Ahead is the kanban of the quintuplets.


Opposite is the special theme of this sale.


After buying the tickets, I went to the 6th floor. From here, the stairwell on the 9th floor of the coffee shop was filled with quintuplets of flower wedding-themed paintings.

Well, the entrance fee of 500 yen originally refers to this, the exhibition fee, right?







The painting is really nice, but this wall…is it really okay?



When we reached the 9th floor, we finally saw this theme coffee! It’s not easy, it’s not easy, this setting of hanging pictures in the stairwell can not only charge an extra sum of money, but also cover up the embarrassment that there is no elevator from the 6th to the 9th floor, hahaha.

This time I went to the second half, and the staple food was changed to curry, fried noodles and hot dogs.


For this coffee, I ordered a hot dog and a grapefruit-flavored drink from Sanjiu Impression.

The taste of the hot dog is not bad, which is my favorite taste. The drink is very sweet as always, but I personally like the sweetness after the ice melts after eating.

The bonus is a coaster, and I didn’t get Sanjiu (tears).


Kanban inside the coffee.

This cafe is actually a live house in essence, and under normal circumstances, this location should be the stage for Ai Shalu or entertainers.

In this linkage, the quintuplets’ kanban was directly placed, which is very distinctive, and there is no sense of disobedience.

In addition, this display board can be bought for nearly 40,000 yen each.

I like the atmosphere of the whole store very much. Compared with the OP or ED or promotional PV played continuously in the previous linkage coffee, this one plays jazz music in a very simple way. This setting gives a sense of freshness and comfort. Feeling (maybe at the same time, the merchant can also pay less music licensing fees).

Generally speaking, the food is quite satisfactory, and the atmosphere score is high. Compared with the slightly loud music in the past, the jazz music can make people relax for an afternoon. Praise.

As for the final loot link, save it for the next article.

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