Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies in 2023 revealed

While times are tough for big tech companies right now, the all-star list of Fortune’s 2023 World’s Most Admired Companies list shows that the titans are as admired by their peers as ever. “Fortune” magazine continued to cooperate with Korn Ferry International (Korn Ferry), conducted this corporate reputation survey. The All-Star list ranks companies based on praise from across the industry, including from business partners. These companies have earned acclaim both inside and outside the industry. | Related reading (Fortune Chinese website)


“Fortune” publishes many lists every year, from the world’s top 500 to China’s top 500. Among these lists, I am most concerned about the world’s most admired company.

Why so much attention? Because the very interesting point of this list is that it can reflect “respect from competitors”. In other words, how can a company that even its competitors admire be not admired? This is also the subtlety of the logic behind Fortune’s making this list.

People often ask me for career advice, and I usually send this list to them. If you want to enter a multinational company, the companies on the list should be good choices. A company can be said to be the most appreciated, not only because the company is big, but also because it reflects positive feedback to internal employees, customers, and society. A company that is both a leader in the industry and shoulders social responsibilities is worthy of the words “Most Appreciated”.

There are several details on this year’s list that are worthy of attention. The first is that Apple has topped the All-Star list for 16 consecutive years. The past 16 years are also the time when Apple transitioned from the Jobs era to the Tim Cook era, and Apple continues to lead the industry’s highest standards. In the era we live in, if you want to find a benchmark in all aspects of your company, you can benchmark against Apple, from a small product design to a large company operation, Apple is there, and other companies are constantly chasing . Then there are the companies that have been on the All-Star list in the 25 years since the list began, such as Coca-Cola and Berkshire Hathaway.

In the end, I still have some expectations. I hope that one day our Chinese company can also emerge on the All-Star list and attract the praise of the world.

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