From “bystander” to “participant”, compose a new generation of investment丨36氪China Fund Partners Summit ended

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A grand performance about RMB funds is slowly being staged.

Compared with the performances of US dollar funds in the past few years, the debut of RMB funds may not be “gorgeous”, and this is precisely determined by the characteristics of funds – US dollar funds are keen on those suspended in the sky, and one day can change the world. technology; while RMB funds are more inclined to be down-to-earth and support industries that can benefit society.

Style often makes a different story. If you use music as an analogy, then the dollar fund is more like a waltz, telling those more sexy and romantic investment stories; while the story of the RMB fund is more like a rich symphony, the performance of a single instrument may be mediocre No wonder, but when they are combined, they can play a very magnificent momentum.

On September 21, the 36氪 “Inside the World” 2022 China Fund Partner Summit came to an end in Hangzhou. At the event, many big names such as founders, partners, and well-known fund executives of domestic first-line capital gathered to discuss local institutions. The tumbling 20 years, the new and old of RMB funds, from industry to capital and other topics have drawn a beautiful blueprint for the future development of RMB funds.

What is certain is that “stability” is still the permanent feature of RMB funds in the future. Based on this, the localization development of funds is intensifying at a speed visible to the naked eye. Since they naturally carry the demands of capital, local funds will undoubtedly have clearer shot targets and industry preferences. In the current environment full of “uncertainty”, this may be a more secure and smart investment logic.

From the perspective of the general environment, the rise of RMB funds does not mean that the story of US dollar funds is declining. Whether it is now or in the future, the complementarity of the two fund styles can create a more comprehensive industrial ecology, but the current market situation is more suitable for RMB. The development of funds, but the market situation is changing rapidly, whether it is RMB funds or USD funds, they must find a more suitable development method in the change, and ultimately transform the entire human world.

As an observer of the new economy, 36氪 “China Fund Partners Summit” has come to its 4th year. Every year, whether in terms of situation or volume, it can show our sincerity to the guests and the new The economy’s determination to create value. The highlight of this partner summit is not only that we have created a “cruise dinner” link in the form of activities, so that all the guests have an unforgettable night, but also that we have built a bridge for communication between GPs and LPs. It will undoubtedly be of great help to the development of RMB funds or local industries so that the two parties can match their partners more quickly.

Today, the event has come to an end, but what we believe is that this event is a brand new beginning of the RMB fund story. Just like the theme of this event, “Being Inside”, these four words not only represent a book or an attitude, but also a historical testimony, and everyone involved is changing from bystanders to Participants, or successors, one day in the future, we will also become narrators, telling this magnificent story to future generations.

And those that are glorious, fallen, worthy of praise, and worth remembering are the shining symbols in the brand-new historical books on investment. Even every sentence is gathered, and in this event, many extremely amazing remarks were also created, let us appreciate it together:


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