From the perspective of the next-generation data center, talk about why Web3 is finally here

HardenedVault wrote HardenedVault has previously talked about the connection between next- generation data center security and web3 . Recently, Alpha Rabbit (Technology Investment Researcher) and HardenedVault (Cyber ​​Fortress) co-authored an article entitled ” From the bottom of the From the perspective of a generation of data centers, talk about why Web3 will finally come ”. This article covers many topics, including the development history of data centers, the iteration of data center technology has long been the business model of public cloud and industry cloud, cloud The confederation/decentralization trend of Service Mesh in the native environment, the cost of self-built data centers vs. public clouds, Moore’s Law for silicon chips to approach the limit provides space and opportunities for the expansion of general-purpose computing platforms, next- generation data centers and The impossible triangle of blockchains and the challenges of communication (confederation, cross-bridges) and security (supernodes of any kind) after the Ethereum (ETH) merger.

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