Genshin One (1): Download and use the local version of the integration package [1 minute to get started]

Genshin One(一):本地有手就行版整合包下载和使用【1分钟上手】


I know it all, I’m too lazy to talk about it, it’s an old thing, but now it’s really getting better and better. In theory, it can be online or stand-alone.

Only for personal learning Java programming use, not for commercial profit, please delete within 24 hours


Shared by netizens, this version is Lawn Mower 1.2.2 + Genshin International Test Service 2.8.5 (equivalent to 3.0 test service), not the latest version. Now there are Game 3.0 and Lawn Mower 1.3.0

Xunlei cloud disk link:

TG network disk link:

These two links are complete game packages. Originally, I packaged more than 30 GB and uploaded it to the 123 cloud disk, but after uploading, it was stuck and could not be completed.

Environmental requirements

WIN service/client: It is recommended to use Window 10+; CPU 12th generation i5+, GPU RTX 2060+, hard disk not less than 150G NVME hard disk remaining capacity.

LINUX server: The measured Contabo 6C16G server of CentOS 7 has no problems. It is very easy. I feel that the load requirements are not high. Maybe 2C4G can be used, but pay attention to the delay problem.

This issue introduces WIN double-ended.


As shown in the figure, the lower left corner is the decompression of the integrated package, which is directly operated according to the built-in document.


First put the folder in the English directory, and then run the bat file started by the service (then automatically jump out of the 2 windows on the left side of the figure above, do not close or click in it)

Then go to the proxy software and find the Mihayou proxy to Simplified.exe file. You can also use other proxy assistants, fiddler and other software to achieve parsing and redirection.

Please note: The connection of the game is HTTPS instead of HTTP. Don’t make a mistake when you fill in the address. The default is port 443 (in grass’s config). If it is not port 443, please modify the first line at the dedicated proxy to :8888 In this format, the port below is the local proxy port, not the port you are redirecting to. If this is not set up properly, the game will not be connected, and the error 4204 seems to be reported.

Then go to the Yuanshen2.8 folder to run the game itself.

Then just enter the account password as shown below to register.


Then register and log in, and the old-fashioned opening story will be automatically performed, which cannot be skipped.


Then you can automatically go to the beach after a while, and you can see that the local ping is still relatively low.


Then it also comes with a few small tools, which are really newer and more complete than DNF. The author’s group number is 801809027, and the author’s name is shown in the figure below.


Then there are card pool editing functions, auxiliary generation commands, or direct connection and running commands, such as direct upgrades, props, character weapons, and tasks.

But note that this plugin needs to be installed, but the integration package is already included, and other packages may not be included. The following article will introduce 2 auxiliary plugins (which need to be run together on the server)



If you do not run the connection on the far right in the upper right corner of this toolbox, you can also run the command manually


Characters are easier to send, but weapons are troublesome and need one by one.


As for changing mods, changing weapons, etc., just study it yourself, stand-alone games are… boring

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