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There is nothing difficult in the world, only the stupid way.

The Stupid Way Culture Handbook is designed to give you a checklist for doing things healthier and longer.

The new version is now released, 100,000+ words, 250 pages, 2 years+ accumulation, and 50,000+ people have received and read each version.

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meat brother:

Today I finally read the stupid method learning manual. First of all, I seriously reflected on myself, maybe a lot of times I was escaping, trying to choose relatively easy things as much as possible, so I seem to have achieved nothing today, mediocre and mediocre.
There is nothing difficult in the world, only the stupid way. Maybe nothing can be done overnight, and it all needs to be done step by step, one problem at a time.
I think, I don’t want my life to be ordinary and boring, I want to live an ordinary life, but that doesn’t mean he has no fun, I’m just an ordinary person, all I can do is try to be an excellent ordinary person, love Life.


After reading the “Culture of the Stupid Way”, it was a profound discovery that it ties everything together and makes my life a unified whole. After reading the electronic version, I also printed it out, it is worth reading again.

Zhang Jing:

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