Ginger’s House in Banan: The Lost Summer Town

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Heat is an illusion, only water can break it, and the natural running water is the best, which is why so far can’t stop a heart that wants to play with water in summer.

It was also accidentally bewitched by the pictures on the Internet, so I decided to visit this small town in the east of Banan, which is also the old address where I sent things to my friends many years ago. Because I didn’t drive, I took the bus to go, but accidentally unlocked the afternoon channel of the country bus.

Trapped in the air-conditioned room for too long in the hot summer, I often lose my mind to distinguish the seasons. I am forced to withdraw from the constant temperature of 26° every week to catch the heat. The asphalt road next to the hospital, which must be passed every day, exudes a strong smell of coal tar. It is definitely not the summer heat in my imagination. I have to endure the smell of being scalded by 38° high temperature several times on the way to and from work every day. The industrial attributes remind me of my childhood life. The smell of industry and coal hung over my everyday life throughout my childhood summers.

The long light rail arrived at the Longzhou Bay Junction Station, and I learned that the bus to Jiangjia Town would take two hours at 1:30. Let’s eat. Most of the food near the station is tasteless, and it can only be used by passers-by to make ends meet; lie down and close your eyes, and the station is filled with the sound of people of all colors playing short videos loudly. I had no choice but to eat a bowl of cold noodles that didn’t suit my taste, and wasted my time in the waiting room bored.

When I am working, I must be the kind of person who does not waste a second. Even if it is a moment, I will spare it to change the material or something; and at this moment I am trying to convince myself that the fish does not have to be in the pond You can live in rivers and lakes. Birds don’t have to be kept in cages to live in forests. Trees can grow in mountains and forests besides fences. People don’t have to be like pile drivers. Be yourself with a blank mind.


When I got on the bus, I couldn’t pay with my mobile phone. It was 12 yuan per person from Longzhou Bay to Jiangjia Town. Fortunately, I always have the habit of carrying some banknotes with me. Taking a siesta on the bus, the sunlight outside the window is dazzling, and the curtains that are not so good for shading effect are drawn. Although there are seven or eight seats in the bus, there are not too many people making noise, even the annoying children. Just quietly eating spicy sticks. So on this unfamiliar country road, I felt that the joy of taking a siesta was twice that of dusk. The ancients said that “throwing a book with a handkerchief lasts a long time in afternoon dreams”. to understand.

The bus was too quiet for me to associate well with the country buses of yesteryear. In the past, the windows of buses could be opened. After a long time, the area where the hand can bear force is very small, or it seems to be welded to the window lattice, and it cannot be pushed open with all the strength; or it is like a long-term switch. Loose mechanical parts, windows dangling in the mezzanine, creaking and creaking, moaning from getting in the car to getting out of the car. Thinking back to the last time I took such a bus, I feel like I was a teenager hundreds of years ago, but in fact it was only a decade or so ago.

The world is changing so fast that before I can catch the collapse process, I see the new city emerging from its shell, so after leaving home for many years, I will not remember the way home, and the huge purple tree at the door. Small flowers and a neem tree with misty finely divided leaves.

After getting off the bus and walking for a few minutes on the widest road in the town, I arrived at the hot water spot in the online map. But on the terraced fields there is only the imprint of water, and there is no more flowing water flowing down. A little disappointment came to my heart, but I was not depressed. Maybe the time on the road has healed me.


Although there was not much water left, the water in the accumulated pond felt a little cool to the touch, and a little girl was swimming in it. Next to me was a team of motorcycle brigade brothers. My companions and I laughed and said that my father took me on a motorcycle trip when I was in elementary school. It turns out that the love of freedom is hereditary.

Although the water scene is not very satisfactory, but the small bridge is matched with the water from the underground river, the big tree in the background board and the earthen house of the grain station in the 1970s and 1980s, the mother-in-law who sat under the tree to enjoy the shade advised me to play less water and get older It is easy to have bad knees. The old white three-story building stands beside the river bend. From the small town to the city, the town has already fallen asleep when I return, and I don’t know when I will wake up.


There was no water to play in, so we turned back to the passenger terminal. The bus back to the city was at 4:30, and we couldn’t even find a tea place on the street where we could blow on the air conditioner, so we could only stay under the hot shed and tease the cat. The weather was so hot that even kittens didn’t want to talk to me, so I overcame the social fear, got into a non-staple food store, and bought a pack of spicy strips just to use the air conditioner.

There are a lot of people in the small non-staple food store, all of them are women, chatting casually, and the station dispatcher in uniform is sitting in the C seat. This scene reminds me of the movie in the 1980s. The topics these women talked about made my ears a little red. I wanted to escape but I was afraid of the steaming heat, so I could only pretend to pick things from a distance and erected a wall for myself. Maybe that’s why I’m always the odd one out, everyone thinks I have a wall between them.


When I got on the bus, the driver said that it would take 2.5 hours to go back to the city. There were only four people in the car, and because I was afraid of being sunburned, I repeatedly jumped between the left and right seats, but in the end I couldn’t bet on the non-tanning seat. In the evening, I have dinner with friends I haven’t seen for a long time, chat, and listen to their stories. It turns out that before others misunderstood my expressiveness, I was first of all a good listener, and being good at listening roughly means being good at reading.


The summer of brewing big projects is always tense and hasty, and the summer is coming to an end. On the second day after I came out, there was a bit of coolness, which is a distinct season that the mountain city has never felt. And I clearly remember that the greening of the grass seems to have happened not long ago, why suddenly it was the same as the boiling water on my stove, and it boiled before there were small bubbles.

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