Global Times reports that NSA hacked telecom infrastructure

In the attack on Northwestern Polytechnical University, the NSA was found to have hacked into telecommunications infrastructure, the English-language Global Times reported . To investigate the cyber attack, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and Qihoo 360 jointly launched a comprehensive technical analysis. They found that NSA TAO (Tailored Access Operations) used 41 types of cyber weapons to steal core technical data, including key network device configuration, network management data and core operational data. The investigative technical team found more than 1,100 attack chains and more than 90 sequences of operational commands used to infiltrate the university to steal network device configuration files, as well as other types of logs and critical files. Based on an analysis of TAO attack signatures, penetration tools, and Trojan samples, they found that TAO penetrated some Chinese infrastructure operators, built a “legitimate” channel with remote access to core data networks, and attempted to control China’s infrastructure.

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