Good Chinese Autumn Camp: Learning to Write from the Dream of the Red Chamber

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Good Chinese Autumn Camp: Learning to Write from the Dream of the Red Chamber


Good Chinese Writing Camp is a writing community founded by Wang Pei in 2015. It is used to exchange writing topics, discuss classic masterpieces, train the ears of writers, cultivate a sense of style, parallel input and output, and advance mind and literary talent.

In the autumn of 2023, Good Chinese will launch a special training camp of “Learning Writing from the Dream of the Red Chamber”, which will provide professional explanations of the writing techniques of the Dream of the Red Chamber and 100 days of writing training.

Why learn writing from Dream of the Red Chamber?

Why learn to write from “A Dream of Red Mansions”, we can explain it from three levels: story, text and experience:

1. From the point of view of the story

A Dream of Red Mansions is an excellent example of story writing. It starts from a myth, which is both real and illusory. It takes the rise and fall of a big family as a clue, and reflects the appearance of a big era through the fate of an individual character. Its storyline is rich, the relationship between the characters is intricate, and the main line and the branch line are closely intertwined. You can learn to conceive the framework of the story from it, and you can also learn how to describe the details.

Second, from the perspective of text

The story of “Dream of Red Mansions” is presented through text. Its language not only contains the charm of Chinese classical art, but also has the natural fluency of spoken language. The whole book is full of pearls and paragraphs, which are well-known and fully demonstrate the charm of the Chinese language. The running water sentences in it, like spring water ding-dong, rush for thousands of miles. Vulgarity does not hurt elegance, elegance does not avoid vulgarity, so that we can learn the combination of classical and spoken language, and learn how to use Chinese creatively.

Third, from the perspective of experience

“Dream of Red Mansions” reflects the cruelty of the world through the destruction of a family, and reveals the endless flavor of life. Reading it is like living five times your life. Anyone can find reflections and shadows in A Dream of Red Mansions. Only by combining personal experience can one truly understand the Red Chamber and write words close to the Dream of the Red Chamber.

As a national treasure, “A Dream of Red Mansions” is a masterpiece covering stories, texts and life experiences, and has established the highest achievement of Chinese classical literature. Even Coppola, the director of The Godfather, is reading it now. We directly learn writing from “Dream of Red Mansions”, that is, to drink water from the source, and play football with Messi, so we can learn and apply it, and get twice the result with half the effort.

learning target

Learning writing from Dream of Red Mansions is not about reading and appreciating, or studying red studies, but directly learning the writing method of Dream of Red Mansions.

Pursue the style of “Dream of Red Mansions” which is “easy to understand, refined and clean”

Apply what you have learned, pay attention to the compound interest effect of daily updates and writing

learning content outline

(syllabus may be adjusted according to actual teaching)

Lesson 1: Learning the Three Levels of Dream of the Red Chamber: Story, Text, and Experience

Lesson 2: Notes of Dream of Red Mansions—Becoming Zhiyanzhai and Coppola

Lesson 3: The Language of Dream of the Red Chamber: Chinese and Chinese Culture

Lesson 4: Inverted Translation: Learning the Dream of the Red Chamber from the English Version

Lesson 5: The Art of Intensive Reading: How to Integrate Dream of the Red Chamber into Life, Commuting and Exercise

Lesson 6: The Book of Life and Death A Dream of Red Mansions: I am the only one who escaped to report to you

Lesson 7: Fictional Biography: How to Turn Personal Experience into Literature

Lesson 8: The Dream of the Red Chamber makes us better people

Lesson 9: Dream of the Red Chamber and Subtext

Lesson 10: The Twelve Mysteries of the Red Chamber: Where did Lin Daiyu’s wealth go / Is Jia Baoyu a scumbag / Who is the dark boss /…

Lesson 11: Can I write my own Dream of the Red Chamber?

Lesson 12: Dream of the Red Chamber and Higher Order Thinking

Lesson Thirteen: A Dream of Red Mansions and Screenwriting Exercises

Lesson 14: Let’s start writing, My Dream of Red Mansions

teaching reference material

“A Dream of Red Mansions” by Cheng Yi

“Dream of Red Mansions” People’s Literature Edition 2 sets

“Dream of Red Mansions Criticized by Zhiyanzhai”

“Book of Songs”

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet

The first part of “Reminiscence of Things Past” “At the Siwan’s House”

Xie Tieli movie version of “Dream of Red Mansions”

Shaoxing opera version “Dream of Red Mansions”

CCTV 87 version of “Dream of Red Mansions”

Film “Fanny and Alexander”

Learning effect verification

Do the students intensively read “Dream of Red Mansions”

Do students build their own Dream of Red Mansions – Coppola Notes

Whether the students have participated in the 100-day program of writing with Dream of Red Mansions and completed at least 70%

Whether students can think and create from the perspective of stories, texts and experiences


“Dream of Red Mansions” online video rehearsal

Hold at least one offline event in the YRD region

Good Chinese Introduction

The appearance of good Chinese ( is a language training camp founded by Wang Pei. It was established in 2015 and has lasted for 8 years. It has trained more than 2,800 students.

Wang Pei, a screenwriter contracted by Beijing People’s Art, and an online writer, has established a personal website since 1997 and started blogging in 2004, with a total of more than 5 million words written on the Internet. His works include the stage play “Fish Eye” (produced by Beijing Renyi), the epic drama “Lianxiang Companion” (produced by Zhejiang Drama Center), and “Necklace”. In 2014, he was the general planner and chief writer of the 15th anniversary party of the return of the Macao Special Administrative Region “Same Song, One Dream”. Monographs include “Authentic Chinese” (China Film Publishing House). His translated works include “Sense of Style” (authored by Steven Pinker, co-translated with Wang Shuo) and “From Top to Bottom”.

The film and television works include TV programs: “CCTV 2002 March 15 Gala Situational Epic Drama”, “CCTV 2004 May Day Special Program “New Harbor””, film works: “We Believe in the Future”.


August 18 – November 17, 2023

A total of 14 weeks, classes will be held every Friday night from 20:00 to 22:00, and it will be postponed if there is a holiday or something.

tuition fee

Sign up now to enjoy the preferential price: 680 yuan (after August 8, 2023, the normal price will be restored: 780 yuan)

Good Chinese, Screenwriting Story Camp One-year old students sign up and enjoy membership price: 618 yuan

teaching methods

Video teaching + WeChat group graphic teaching

Regular daily communication

ways of registration

Scan the QR code below, or search the WeChat account: haozhongwencom and add the teacher’s WeChat account, please indicate “Good Chinese Registration”

Please add Chinese WeChat Please add Chinese WeChat

After the WeChat is approved and the payment is completed, you will receive the “Good Chinese Ninth Issue” group.


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