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It was my dad who first influenced me to start watching football, and now it is my son who influenced me to start watching football again. Last year’s World Cup in Qatar put my son on a tight leash. So at the end of the World Cup, a new fan was born and an old fake fan returned. I turned on Peacock and we watched the second half of the Premier League 2022-2023 season1.

When I first started watching, I basically didn’t know anyone, such as Harland, I had never heard of it before. Fortunately, I know a senior fan friend (the owner of the WeChat video account “Tuo Tuo takes you to watch the game”) who is very enthusiastic, and I often ask him for advice. For example, in mid-January, there was a round of popular games that were not broadcast live. I asked Tuo Tuo which one was better to watch. My friend analyzed for me and said that Brighton vs. Liverpool is worth watching: Liverpool is a traditional strong team, and Brighton can do well this season. , and “there is Japan’s three-ball king”. I feel in my heart that in ancient times there were the three Musketeers of the Netherlands and today there is the Japanese three-goal champion. Later, I checked and found out that it was a joke. In fact, the three-ball king refers to Sanjiaxun 2 . The little monks in the night boat can ask more questions besides Yaoshun and Tantai Mieming. How many people are there in the three-ball king.

Closer to home, Brighton defeated Liverpool 3-0 in that game, and my son and I became fans all of a sudden. Since then, in addition to focusing on the Gunners and Manchester City’s title race, we have focused on Brighton’s performance. In the end, Brighton performed well, and the three-goal champion continued to bring us wonderful performances. In the end, Brighton won the sixth place in the league and entered the European League for the first time in team history.

Of course, the Gunners and Manchester City’s title race in the past half season is also remarkable. In fact, I am not loyal to a certain team, but because of Sun Jihai and seeing Harland’s vigor, I support Manchester City more in these two teams. And my son has become a staunch Arsenal fan since I don’t know when, so when we watched the Manchester City home game against Arsenal together in April (post-match highlights), the atmosphere between us was more subtle. But later, I realized the convenience of my son’s fans of Arsenal: If he is a Manchester City fan, then when I go to London this time , I need to take the train for three hours to buy souvenirs for him, but in fact I only need to take the subway for three stops. Went to the Arsenal gift shop.

Finally, let me explain that when the half of the season ends, I intend to write a little about my feelings. Unexpectedly, the time has passed and the new season has already started today.

  1. The first thing I watched was the Italian Serie A in the 1990-1991 season. There was only live video and no live broadcast. The first game I watched was Parma vs AC Milan, Parma won; the second was Parma vs Juventus, Juventus won; the third was Atalanta vs Juventus, goalless. So for a period of time I thought: Atlanta is as strong as Juventus, followed by Parma, and AC Milan is a weak team. ↩

  2. In fact, the three-goal champion also performed well in the World Cup, but I didn’t watch the World Cup seriously, especially the group stage. ↩

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