Happy 4th Birthday Popo 🎂

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Popo is almost four and a half years old, and I just came to write about her fourth birthday, but I started to write anyway, give myself a thumbs up! After all, two and three years old haven’t written yet 🤦🏻 . Every year, the birthdays of the three of us are a good time to travel, because they happen to be holidays, so we have more or less recorded on the blog, thank you 🥹 . Popo’s birthday falls at the end of the year, and he is part of one of Japan’s three major long holidays. Last year, he planned to go to Okinawa for the second time, but the whole family had the first sunday . Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the trip. Fortunately, except for the travel, other birthday-related matters have been done, which can be regarded as a complete success.

Nursery school birthday party

Nursery school birthday party

December 28, Popo’s birthday, was the last day of school. Fortunately, I mentioned it when I was chatting with the teacher a few days ago, otherwise the birthday party might not be possible, because the teacher misread it and thought that Popo was born on February 28. It was not too late to make amends. Popo seemed very happy to receive the blessings from his teachers and classmates in the nursery. The teacher also carefully prepared a small greeting card, in which Popo’s favorite food and games were written, and her height and weight were also recorded. There were also loving messages from the teacher and the principal, which can be said to be very attentive.

Anpanman Museum

Anpanman Museum

Since I went to the Anpanman Museum on my second birthday to feel the birthday atmosphere, this place has become a must-see for Popo’s birthday every year. As a parent, I am still happy. After all, museum tickets are not cheap. If Popo has to go at any time, the price/performance ratio is too low. With the excuse of “only going for birthdays”, going once a year can be enough. On December 29, Brother Dou booked the tickets early, and we happily came to the Anpanman Museum. Although it is still the old three—painting masks, watching theaters, and eating birthday meals, it is full of ritual and very enjoyable.

A mother once told me that her child graduated from Anpanman when she was about five years old. I immediately turned around and asked Popo if he wanted to go for his fifth birthday? The answer: Yes!

family birthday party

birthday party arrangement
Birthday party layout: the left network diagram, the right practical operation.

When I was three years old, I held a small birthday party for Popo at home, and invited a few children who played well. Popo also received many blessings and gifts, so when I was four years old, Popo said that I would do it again! So we planned to invite friends and friends to celebrate Popo’s birthday on December 30th. For this reason, I started a new round of layout work. The three-year-old is princess pink, and the four-year-old wants to change the color. After searching on the Internet, I finally decided on forest green. Drawing inspiration from the two net pictures, I synthesized the desired effect, and the labor index was also reduced a lot. It seems that I have reached the perfect level in birthday party arrangement. I spent a few days with Popo after dinner, and slowly arranged it bit by bit. Popo took a lot of photos on the way and when she finished. It can be seen that she is looking forward to her fourth birthday party.

birthday party day
birthday party day

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, only one child was present at the end of the day, but Popo was still very happy and everyone had a wonderful day.

  • Guoguo: Her mother had a job scheduled at the end of the year, and she was going to the nursery that day, so she couldn’t come;

  • J, etc.: The whole family is just healthy, because we are going to travel to Okinawa soon, we can only reluctantly part with each other for the sake of conservatism. (The result depends on your own strength 🐏 up);

  • Lailai: Hello, the whole family is back home;

  • Koki Sauce: There are other arrangements at the end of the year, first come, first served, we were late in notifying;

  • Little Swallow: The only kid who came, thank you!

Maybe I will go back to China for my fifth birthday, and spend it with my grandparents just like my first birthday . When I returned to China last month, Brother Dou and I went to renew the ID card, and by the way, put the Popo account on the agenda. Because it takes half a month to register, we plan to return to China at the end of the year, and then return to Japan after the Spring Festival, so that Popo can experience the taste of the new year. Having said that, it seems that Brother Dou and I have not celebrated the Spring Festival in China for ten years, and we still miss it.

One last sentence: Happy fourth birthday to Popo 🎂 !

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