Hateful “public opinion”

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Some people say that the universe is so vast, and the earth is not a special case. There must be advanced intelligent life in some places. Sometimes I just think, maybe. However, the universe always has the first advanced intelligent life planet, why can’t the earth be the first? Right, there must be the first one, our earth may also be the first in the world. Recently blocked a friend’s circle of friends – I really think she is the typical kind of bad person. A girl reported Tu Lei’s rape with her real name, and the friend immediately began to seek justice in the circle of friends. Reposting some “evidence” here and there gathered by others to show that – yes, he did it. This is not the first time she has done this. I really don’t know if I’m really stupid or not. The Internet is a place with all kinds of information. It’s often impossible to judge whether something is true or not. Why do you have to listen to the wind and the rain? Even if something happens, there will be a law enforcement department to take charge of it. Do you need a common man to open his eyes? When she sees a hot topic related to society, she wants to uphold justice for others, and shouts repeatedly, as if everyone else is a fool, and she alone grasps the truth and justice in the world. Originally, I wanted to remind her, but after thinking about it, I still couldn’t see it, so I blocked the matter. In truth, she too was a victim. The current public opinion is terrible, and it is very serious to coerce public opinion. Looking at these reports and the comments below, I always feel that the social atmosphere in which I live is becoming more and more deformed. The text of some events and the comments below incited the general public. In particular, there is a saying that if we wait to stand on the sidelines today, and when disaster strikes us in the future, no one will cheer for me. There is no problem in ascertaining the facts, and it is reasonable to lend a helping hand, but when the facts are unknown and easy to be used by others, doing so often does bad things with good intentions. In the end, I said innocently that I was just kind. In addition to these, there are some human flesh searches that are even more terrifying. Because of certain things, other people’s family conditions, social relationships, and professional content are unscrupulously exposed on the Internet, and then criminals use this information to harass the Internet. I really want to be an ostrich more and more, and I don’t want to pay attention to these hot searches, news and so on. When I encounter a piece of news on Douyin, I basically just press and hold it and deal with it if I’m not interested, and I’m less and less watching videos or comments on Weibo. There is nothing wrong with shouting and waving the flag, but don’t become an accomplice of criminals.

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