head of ten households

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“Hello, I want to apply to go out and buy some supplies.”

“Who is the head of the ten households in charge of you? Did he agree?”

“What is the head of the ten households, I don’t know who the head of the ten households is.”

“That’s not good. You can’t go out. If you go out and commit a crime, we can’t trace who you are. We need your ten heads of households to guarantee you.”

“Then can you help me arrange a ten household head? I really have to go out, I have nothing to eat.”

“I took a look. There are a total of 101 families in your community. You happen to be the extra one. No wonder you don’t have ten heads.”

“What now?”

“You either wait for one household to die and become vacant, or wait for nine households to come and form ten households with you. I have no other choice. I hope you can understand.”

“Fuck you!”

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