Hema Announces Organizational Upgrade and Establishes “Three Horizontal and Three Vertical” Business Structure

Hema CEO Hou Yi issued an internal letter, announcing that Hema has completed a new round of organizational structure upgrade, and established a “three horizontal and three vertical” business structure with three business divisions + three central platforms around the multi-format upgrade organization. Specifically, the vertical Hema Xiansheng business unit is responsible for the operation of the Hema Xiansheng and Hema mini formats. Li Weiping, the original Hema Xiansheng general manager in Beijing, was appointed as the CEO of the Hema Xiansheng Business Department, reporting directly to the Hema CEO Hou Yi. The Hema NB business department is responsible for the operation of Hema Neighborhoods and Hema Outlets. The CEO of the business department is concurrently held by Hou Yi. In addition, the Hema MAX business unit was set up to be responsible for the operation of the Hema X membership store.

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