Hi , Obsidian Digital Garden

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A plug-in that can directly publish Obsidian documents and build a website!

A few nagging

A few days ago, I found that the very useful Obsidian plug-in was hung up. It can only be released but cannot be updated or deleted. After some searching, I found that @DAYU published an article at the end of 22, and I took a look at it myself.

After trying it often, I found that the deployment is very simple, in short: install the plug-in, fill in the information, submit the deployment, and the subsequent updates only need to be completed in Obsidian.

The Obsidian content corresponding to the title map is as follows:


site preview

hermitage ||

oldwinter || Doraemon is dreaming

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personal toss record

Warehouse address: https://github.com/lmm214/edui123

Plug-in installation, Github information filling

Slightly, it is recommended to take a look at the ? that article.

Deploy to CloudFlare

The official tutorial Hosting alternatives prompts support:

Open this warehouse: https://github.com/oleeskild/digitalgarden , click Use This Template to create a new Github project.


Create a new Pages in CloudFlare and connect, build the command and output directory to fill in the code in例如.


So far the deployment is complete.

Optimize the pit record

Turn off automatic builds, turn on deployment hooks, and manually trigger POST

I remember that CF is 500 times/month/month, and Digital Garden uses Github API, and all file modifications are submitted one by one. If I didn’t do this, the new warehouse I opened yesterday already has 194 commits.




Enable “Xia Dong Wen Kai” online font

01-lxgw.njk : src/site/_includes/components/user/common/head/01-lxgw.njk

After downloading, throw it into the corresponding folder. Of course, you can also directly brute force the files in the warehouse. For details, see the official tutorial: Adding custom components

Add some custom styles

custom-style.css : src/site/styles/user/custom-style.css

More toss and recommend a learning warehouse


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