How does a personal webmaster survive in the cracks after filing? V2 Fangyuan added cloudflare, Tianyi Cloud’s daily website violation calls finally stopped

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I recently migrated from Alibaba Cloud to Tianyi Cloud. Tianyi Cloud sent emails and called me every day to ask me to delete the content. Tianyi Cloud wanted to monitor whether the hosting and filing website had violation information, but he was too lazy to do it himself, so he outsourced it to several reptile companies. So, as the webmaster of the hosting website, I receive illegal emails every day, asking me to delete the webpage, and I must delete it within two hours, otherwise the host port will be blocked directly. The so-called violations are some websites and Github warehouses that have not been filed. the address of. I asked Tianyi Cloud to complete the crawling at one time instead of sending emails every day. Tianyi Cloud said that it could not be done; I submitted a work order and told Tianyi Cloud that it could crawl all the webpages at once with a sitemap. They said to give feedback to the technical staff, and finally replied with a summary It’s just “can’t be done”. Finally, I configured cloudflare for the website, and did real-person verification, and the email and phone notifications for violations finally stopped. Cloudflare’s free plan is very good. It can not only accelerate static resources globally, but also prevent reptiles. Cloudflare’s Turnstile also blocks comment spam. The disadvantage of Cloudflare is that it will reduce the experience of ordinary users, but in order to avoid receiving calls from domestic cloud service providers every day that “the website port will be blocked if the rectification is not completed within two hours (equivalent to closing the website)”, Cloudflare may be the best Solution. A message from the background of the website recently told me that the RSS routing of has also been verified by cloudflare. Whether it can pull the data depends on fate. You can continue to harass me every day. I need to create a special path so that the robot cannot climb. After the path configuration is completed, it will be published to the original address of this article Yong, fighting with cloud service hosting providers is a compulsory course for webmasters in a characteristic socialist environment. The permanent update address of this article:

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