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This article mainly introduces how to apply for a US credit card (Credit Card) by DIY in China—mainly teaching the Capital One deposit credit card. You need to prepare personal passport, US address , ITIN tax ID, US mobile phone number, email address, address proof and other information.

One is that friends who often shop overseas and do Amazon OA are often troubled by order cuts, and Meikamei private can greatly reduce the chance of cut orders. To be honest, you can truly feel the feeling of buying all over the world with a US card.

The second is to have a credit card, and you can start accumulating American personal credit records from 0. The United States is a credit society, and a good credit record can give you many benefits, such as buying a house and car in the United States at ultra-low interest rates.

Third, consumption is very safe. Leakage of credit card information, fraudulent card swiping, timely communication with Bank of America can avoid the loss of money.

Fourth, there are many consumption benefits and great card opening benefits. In a fully developed financial market like the United States, the competition among banks is extremely full and fierce, so they can only have their own place in the market if they show full sincerity (welfare). Ordinary credit cards, when you open a card, you will get rewards ranging from hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as well as some up to 5% cash back on consumption. Compared with domestic cards, there are really too many benefits.

According to some conclusions on the Internet, the author can use these methods to apply for a credit card in China:

1. Apply for a Huamei Velo Bank checking account, and apply for a Velo deposit card (Secured Credit Card) at the same time, so as to accumulate American credit records. (Not recommended)

The author found out that velo may randomly intercept 9 digits from your ID number or passport number as SSN to report credit records, which may cause unnecessary troubles and affect the establishment of your personal US credit records.

2. Hang the secondary card. It means to find someone who already has an American credit card and ask him to register a supplementary credit card for you. He can authorize your credit card limit for you, and also accumulate your own credit history. Your credit history is linked to the credit history of the principal cardholder. .

3. Use ITIN to apply for the Secured Credit Card of Citi and Capital One, accumulate American credit, and then apply for a credit card.

This is the most recommended method by the author, because the cost is relatively low, and you don’t need to look at other people’s faces, you can DIY it yourself.

4. Apply for Sable deposit card. (Currently, Sable no longer supports new account opening, and old users are also clearing out)

This requires a Sable bank account first.

Sable official website Sable official website

This U.S. bank account requires a U.S. visa to handle. If you have a visa, you can apply for this bank account, and then open a deposit credit card to accumulate U.S. credit.

5. Apply for American AMEX credit card through AMEX Global Transfer.

There are two ways to this.

One is to apply for an N26 bank account with a German address. Through N26, you can apply for a German AMEX credit card, and then apply for an American AMEX credit card through AMEX Global Transfer to accumulate credit records.

The second is to apply for an AMEX credit card in Hong Kong, and then apply for an American AMEX credit card through AMEX Global Transfer to accumulate credit records. For Chinese people, AMEX in Hong Kong should be relatively easy to handle and easy to communicate with.

The advantage of this method is that you can apply for a credit card without applying for an ITIN tax number.

6. Open an HSBC Premier or HSBC Jade account.

  1. personal passport.
  2. ITIN US personal tax identification number. Reference article: How to apply for ITIN in China
  3. US private address. Reference article: Private Address Anytimemailbox Registration Tutorial
  4. Mail. It is best to use gmail mailbox.
  5. US phone number. Recommended T-Mobile Ultramobile Paygo US physical phone number, which is also the most cost-effective US physical phone number that the author is using. (The monthly rental fee is 3 knives, and the Apple mobile phone can activate the WIFI Calling function for free, that is, enjoy 100 minutes of free calls + 100 short messages. It is sold in domestic Taobao stores, about 260 yuan)
  6. US network environment.
  7. Address proof documents, which can be bank statements, relevant certification materials issued by the government, address water and electricity bills, etc. (This backup may be needed, but I did not provide it when I applied)
  8. A US Checking account, transfer deposit. How to obtain a US Checking account at low cost: a full tutorial on registration, activation, deposit and transfer of cross-border collection and payment artifact Wise (formerly Transferwise)

First enter the official website of Capital One Capital Bank

US credit history Capital One official website

As shown in the figure, first click 1 (credit cards), then click 2 (credit building).

US credit card deposit credit card

Because we have 0 credit records, there is a high probability that we can only get the latter two cards.

credit card enter name

Enter your name, the first name is first, the last name is last, the middle one is not filled, fill it in pinyin, and then click continue

Capital One credit card Fill in your US address

Enter your rented US address and click Next

Apply for a credit card with ITIN Enter email and phone

Enter email and phone

Capital One US Credit Card Choose a revenue model

It is recommended to choose Self-Employed.

How to apply for a US credit card Fill in the annual income and monthly housing rent

Fill in this truthfully, do not fill in too much exaggeration.

ITIN application for US credit card Bank Account

This is to choose which bank accounts you have, and fill them out truthfully.

US personal tax ID card application Fill in the information

Fill in as shown

How to apply for a US credit card for domestic personnel without an SSN in 2023—Teaching for Capital One deposit credit card application pre-trial

Tick ​​√ in both boxes, and then go to the next step.

US credit card

You will be redirected to this step after your pre-qualification information has been verified. It will be displayed here that you can apply for a credit card now. The picture shown is the Platinum deposit credit card. We click on Complete My Application directly.

If you have not displayed your card at this point, or you cannot handle a credit card, it is likely to be a problem with the address you rented.

If the C1 deposit card is really unsuccessful, you can try to apply for a Citi deposit credit card.

How to choose a US address, please refer to this article.

How to apply for a US credit card for domestic personnel without an SSN in 2023—Teaching for Capital One deposit credit card application

Here, fill in the phone number, ITIN number, and your occupation as required.

It should be noted that we must choose NO and NRA according to the illustration, and choose China for nationality.

The next step is to let you verify whether your information is correct or not, and finally just submit according to the operation.

Later, the mailbox will receive an email asking you to submit non-conformity materials.

How to apply for a US credit card for domestic personnel without an SSN in 2023—Teaching for Capital One deposit credit card application additional materials

Click directly to upload the data, the email means each kind of data, choose one of the three to upload .

Upload your passport and ITIN confirmation letter as required.

At this point the application is complete.

The author submitted the information on March 5, and on March 7, Capital One replied that my application was successful.

wiseaccount successful application

At this time, we need to deposit at least 200 US dollars in the deposit credit card. How much money is deposited, we will have as much credit limit. When our credit record is completed, the deposit will be refunded to us, and the deposit card will be upgraded to an official credit card.

Just click Make My Deposit. Just follow the requirements of the website, fill in the zip code, the last four digits of ITIN, and enter your US checking account. Capital One will transfer two fees less than $1 to your checking account to verify your account, and then it will be debited from your checking account. The Wise checking account transfers the deposit.

All applications have been completed here, just wait for C1 to send a credit card to your leased address. Then forward it back home.

After receiving the card, you need to call to activate the card, which is automatic voice activation.

After activating the card, we can use the Capital One Eno plug-in to open unlimited virtual credit cards for free , click to view the tutorial.

The C1 deposit card refunded the author’s USD 200 deposit on February 18, 2023. It has been almost a year since I successfully applied for the refund of the deposit. Capital One directly refunded me to the deposit credit card, and the deposit credit card amount directly became negative. 200. In order to use up the deposit, I swiped an amount of more than 200 US dollars, but the credit card was not successful. It showed that my credit limit was exceeded and was declined, indicating that I could only use the amount not exceeding 200 US dollars to consume my deposit slowly. So far, the C1 deposit credit card has officially graduated.

C1 Refund of deposit C1 Refund of deposit

Today I introduced the application of C1 deposit credit card in detail, and the application of Citi deposit card is basically the same. Through good credit card usage habits, we can establish our personal American credit records. After we have credit records, we can apply for high-end credit cards from Citi, Chase Chase Bank, and American Express.

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