How to choose between WordPress and Hexo when building a website from scratch

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How to get Hexo and WordPress? Hexo Hexo is a website building tool based on Node.js, which can be used to generate static websites. The best theme for Hexo is Next. Examples of Next theme usage effects Next theme Download address: WordPress WordPress is a free website building program based on PHP. It has a complete back-end management system and a complete database. It is a truly dynamic website; WordPress free download address: https://wordpress .org/ WordPress half-hour website building nanny-level tutorial (video version): Website building cost The Hexo Next program is free and open source. With the Github Page service provided by Github, you can easily build a free and high-quality static website WordPress WordPress It is also free and open source, but you need to purchase an independent VPS to use it (Alibaba Cloud costs more than 20 yuan a month). How to implement the comment function Hexo Hexo can implement comments through Gitalk (commenters must register a Github account) WordPress How about the native comment function of WordPress Hexo can count article readings through the third-party interface provided by However, if you change the domain name, the data will be lost. WordPress can store article readings through plug-ins. Enter your own database to user experience Hexo. You need to use Markdown syntax to write articles. After completing the article, you need to run Node.js locally through commands to generate a static web page, and then synchronize it to the server WordPress. Open the browser and log in to the background to write articles using the rich text editor. Difficulty of building the website Hexo You need to know the installation of the Node.js development environment and the use of the command line (difficulty 4 stars) WordPress You can directly use the WordPress service that comes with the VPS (no difficulty) If you want to squeeze the performance of the server and build it yourself, you need to know PHP Environment installation and command line use. (Difficulty 5 stars) Website performance Hexo Hexo is a static website with excellent performance, and it is easy to improve SEO rankings WordPress WordPress is a dynamic website, and its performance is not as good as Hexo, but you can cache website pages in advance by installing plug-ins, as long as you are willing to spend Gold, performance issues will be solved. Playability Hexo Hexo does not have an independent database and has limited playability; WordPress WordPress has an independent database, and after more than ten years of development, the official plug-in library has a large number of high-quality plug-ins that can achieve any function you want; Personal blog customization Hexo Hexo is enough if you only focus on the content. If you need to personalize the page effect, it will be more difficult. WordPress is a bit overkill for blogging only. […]

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