How to play 1080P console mode Switch anytime with the excellent screen of your MacBook

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Do a good job of the Switch desktop

Play games directly with the NS Pro controller

  • This is the Switch with the activated host mode, the NS can be put in the bag as long as there is a line left

Base plus ultra-low latency U disk capture card

  • All related equipment

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I purchased a Hibiscus Panda color matching Switch base, connected to the Switch for charging, and activated the Switch host mode. The official website

Then I purchased a Genki U-disk-sized ultra-low latency capture card (ultra-low latency is the selling point), responsible for outputting the picture to the MacBook, the official website

capture card

The screen output from the U disk capture card can be directly output to the screen in full screen through the free open source software OBS.

What are the advantages of this combination?

  • The experience is good, holding the handle and playing the 1080P Switch with the large screen of the MacBook is definitely much more comfortable than playing the 720P Switch in the handheld mode. (For a person who wears a notebook everyday)
  • The MacBook can record the screen for a long time, which can be used to make game video recording material for the future.
  • The MacBook can quickly process the recorded material, which is extremely convenient for sharing or contributing to video sites.
  • The Switch can remain fully charged at all times.
  • This set is very versatile and can be used if you play Steam Deck, or other Windows handhelds.

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