How to switch to free broadband for mobile

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Since I started working in 2017, because I shared the rent with my roommate, and both of them were more interested in games at that time, I shared the 100M broadband of China Telecom.

The price on the official website is 68 yuan a month, the downlink is 100Mbps, and the uplink should be 20Mbps. When the staff of the telecommunications business hall came to install, they told them that they could not afford the 68 yuan single broadband. At that time, they were very simple, so they believed it, and paid more for the integrated package they recommended.

Because the mobile phone I was using was a single card, and the card paid by the unit group was a mobile phone. My mobile card package fee is very low, so I bought a mini mobile phone of more than 100 yuan to insert the mobile card, and the telecom card is inserted into the main mobile phone.

But after a few months, I realized it was a lie. I communicated with Telecom and switched to single broadband, but the other party refused on the grounds of the contract period. So I complained to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Telecom, and soon, they agreed to switch me to single broadband.

After using it for a year or two, I later felt that 68 yuan per month was still too expensive, so I lowered the package fee and changed it to 30 yuan a month for 20Mbps downlink broadband. The business hall may have indicators or something, so when I moved the phone later, the business hall was persuading me to buy an integrated package.

The bandwidth of 20Mps is actually not enough for two or even three people, but if someone watches the video, the ping value of the other player will definitely jump very high. Later, I tried the speed-up package of the speed test network, and the speed was increased to 500Mbps for 15 yuan per month, which seemed very cost-effective.

But after I moved into a new home, I often felt that 20Mbps was enough for me alone, so I didn’t continue to spend extra money to increase the speed. Until the first two months, I tried Telecom’s official speed-up package for free. After the experience, because the free uplink speed of 30Mbps during the epidemic changed back to the 4Mbps uplink agreed in the package, I often felt powerless when accessing the NAS through the internal network .

After repeated inquiries, Chongqing Telecom did not have a more cost-effective package. The 30 yuan I was using was no longer available, and the lowest was 58 yuan for 50Mbps downlink, and then 68 for 100Mps. During the tangled time, I heard some group friends posting how much their 500M broadband cost, so I felt unbalanced, so I called China Telecom and asked me to cancel the broadband.

In fact, at that time, I was already considering whether to switch to mobile broadband. The monthly package fee of 79 can enjoy 300Mbps downlink, not to mention the unit has group payment services, and our mobile card has 120 yuan per month. amount. The reason for the entanglement is nothing more than the quality of mobile broadband.

In the early years, I heard the saying that the mobile wall is the wall, and the infrastructure is not as good as China Telecom and China Netcom (Unicom), so playing most games is not very smooth; when using it during the peak period, you can even feel that the card is exploding.

Telecom replied to me that they can provide me with 500M broadband for 79 yuan. I think it is still not cost-effective. After all, if you use the speed test network to increase the speed, the total cost of the year is only 540, but the 79 yuan package for a year is almost the same. one thousand. But the speed-boosting package of the speed test network only provides downlink, and the uplink speed-boosting package is very expensive, so I was cruel and applied for mobile broadband.

The customer service of China Mobile is very patient and responsible for explaining the details of the package to me, and it seems to be more professional. On the other hand, in China Telecom, if you call the 10000 number to contact the staff, you are often connected to the customer service who is not fluent in Mandarin and is not proficient in business. , I suspect that it is directly connected to some business halls, because occasionally the crying of children can be heard.

After making an appointment, the mobile brother came to install it. When I poured him a glass of water, he just went to the electric well to change the fiber optic terminal. When I registered for Lightmao, I asked if I could give me Lightmao’s super-management password, and he readily agreed. When I handed him the water, he asked me if I smoked, and then gave me a peony.

When smoking a cigarette, it seems that all words can be more openly spoken. I said that I want to change the optical modem into a bridge, router dial-up, he doesn’t seem to understand, he thinks that there is no dial-up now; then I talked about the work unit, talked about the network cable clamp in my cabinet, and talked about the optical modem The difference between dial-up and router dial-up.

At the end, he said: “I don’t know that optical cats can be bridged, you can teach me later.”

After he finished the speed test, he sent the super administrator password. After I logged in to Guangmao, he saw some English on the interface and didn’t want to know how to change it. Before leaving, I told me to give a good review when I received a return visit.

After he left, I started to change the optical modem bridge connection, but when I entered the broadband password on the router, I found that something was wrong. It was neither 123456 as he said, nor the last six digits of the ID number mentioned by the customer service. Fortunately, I found it was a mobile phone on the Internet. The last six digits of the number, so the change is successful.

Regarding the network speed, when I used the official telecom speed-up package to increase the speed to 500 Mbps, I could only measure a downlink rate of more than 200 Mbps with a super-five cable plugged in. I once wondered if there was a problem with my equipment; When the mobile broadband is 300M, it can basically reach the speed of the contract.

When I used telecom broadband before, for example, when I clicked on Weibo, it often loaded pictures very slowly. The network speed of the mobile phone showed a few kb per second. I also suspected that it was caused by the router or mobile phone disconnection; but after switching to mobile broadband, basically Just click to open it (but after a few days, it seems that the same problem still occurs, such as the photos in Moments are slow to load large images);

I turned on League of Legends to test the delay. Since I was in the telecommunications area, the delay when using telecom broadband was basically 8ms. After switching to mobile, I found that the worst was no more than 10ms.

Overall, while walls within walls still exist, mobile broadband isn’t as bad today as it was a few years ago. What’s more, it is free broadband, and there is nothing wrong with saying that it is really fragrant.

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