I realized that language, thought, and existence are one thing, and my future plan was deduced from it

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Is the vacuum empty? Scientists tell you: there is dark matter in the vacuum, if you believe it, dark matter exists in your place.
There is no subjective or objective existence. For those who believe, dark matter exists. This is the so-called three people become tigers, if you believe it, you will have it, if you don’t believe it, you will lose it.

Comprehension is the beginning, the starting point of existence, and speaking is the completion of existence. What is speech? To speak in language is to establish existence in language.
So language is existence.

In other words, comprehension is the beginning, the starting point of thought, and speech is the completion of thought.
So language is thought.

Language, thought, being are one thing.

As for what comprehension is, it refers to the thoughts and auras that flash through our minds. When they are captured by our hearts and organized in words, we enter into thoughts and languages. And if a thought flashes by and we fail to catch it, the corresponding thought does not exist.

about subjective and objective existence

There is no clear boundary between subjective existence and objective existence, but there are many people who believe in it and few people.
The only connection between matter and objective existence is that it can be more easily understood by people with real feelings, while concepts can only be touched and believed by everyone (out of thin air) comprehension.

The only thing we have to do is create and spread like crazy

So, I’m a philosopher, and you’re an artist, a singer, a writer, a poet, or whatever you want to be, as long as you absolutely believe that you can.
And when you truly believe, the only thing you have to do is keep creating and spreading.

This is what Master Xing wants to tell us with “Shaolin Soccer”. Why is Jiang Bao not a composer?

How to keep creating continuously?

It takes a sensitive heart and the habit of taking notes frequently.

  1. Capture your own emotions. When you enter a relatively strong emotion, remind yourself to write down your feelings, audio recordings or texts.
  2. Empathy, when something happened to someone else shakes you, you might as well put yourself in the situation of the person involved, touch and understand their emotions and emotions, and create for them

How to spread—combined with the method taught by Lin Zhenglu


  1. Tik Tok
  2. subscription number
  3. your favorite platform

short video

  1. Cut 3~5 videos within 2 minutes every day
  2. For every 10 videos, there should be one over 2 minutes long.

My understanding: Medium and long videos consume more time, and the cost of trial and error is high. A large number of short videos in the early stage is to find the feeling, quickly improve the skills of cutting videos and the influence of video content, title, cover, platform rules and other factors on the playback volume, fans, and other effects.

Mr. Lin didn’t mention the live broadcast. I think we should do videos first to accumulate fans. But if you encounter a hot time around you, you can also turn on the live broadcast to increase fans, without affecting the recorded material.
In addition, the live broadcast needs to consider the time of the audience, preferably on weekday evenings or non-working days.

Personnel creation

  1. The true self, selectively communicated externally
  2. Jokes are self-deprecating and down-to-earth, avoid high-spirited


  1. online interaction
  2. Exchange of experience

    1. artistic creation
    2. video production
    3. communication skills
  3. material sharing

We are a union of free people, each fulfilling each other.

my plan

  1. A livable space, 5 rooms, self-occupation + long-term rental
  2. Main occupation: Philosophy, music
  3. sideline from the media

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