If you accidentally get a tooth decay again, is there no way to fix it once and for all? There really is!

Do you have caries?

The consequences of not brushing your teeth well, in all likelihood, will lead to dental caries, which is commonly known as cavities .

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the dental caries rate of children under the age of 5 in China reaches 76.6%, and the dental caries rate of adults is not optimistic . It can be said that many people are suffering from dental caries.


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When caries grow, it can be filled with fillings or root canal treatment ( a dental treatment method that kills the nerve of the tooth first and then repairs the cavity). If you let the caries continue to develop, I am afraid that you can only have teeth implanted in the end, but the cost of implanting teeth will often cost tens of thousands of yuan. Not to mention the pain, the price alone makes people feel distressed.

In order to avoid the above tragedy, we must find ways to prevent dental caries. There are three magic weapons to prevent dental caries. In addition to brushing teeth and using fluoride toothpaste , the third magic weapon that many people do not know is pit and fissure sealing . It can largely prevent dental caries.

Pit and Fissure Sealing Armor the Teeth

The pits and fissures are those grooves and ravines on the occlusal surface of our teeth.


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Which teeth have fissures? Specifically, the teeth with pits and fissures include deciduous molars (which will be replaced), premolars, and permanent molars , that is, the teeth from the middle of the teeth and the third teeth back.


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For many people, the grooves on the surface of these teeth are so deep that they are so deep that the teeth are jammed during normal meals. It is conceivable that not only food residues are easy to stay in the pits and fissures, but bacteria are also easy to breed in the pits and fissures , and dental caries are mainly caused by bacteria in the teeth .

Most caries occur in the pits and fissures, so the thief catches the king first, as long as the pits and fissures are protected, most of the caries can be prevented.

Pit and fissure sealing is to fill these ravines with polymer chemical materials , just like putting on a piece of armor that is invulnerable to the teeth, so that bacteria can no longer live in the fissures, so it is achieved. The purpose of preventing dental caries.

It’s not a sideshow, it’s an orthodox magic weapon

Pit and fissure sealing is not a crooked way or a home remedy in small advertisements. It is a method recommended by the World Health Organization to prevent dental caries . If adolescents have received pit and fissure sealing, the probability of developing dental caries will be greatly reduced.


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In the United States, pit and fissure sealing has been promoted for more than 50 years and is recommended for all children as a routine preventive treatment.

According to the latest 2016 guidelines from the American Dental Association, pit and fissure sealing is the most likely to be effective in preventing dental caries in children and adolescents . More than 40% of American teens have received pit and fissure sealing.

Teenagers are prime time for pit and fissure sealing

Such a good technology, it is best to hurry up.

There is a condition for pit and fissure sealing, that is , there should be no bacteria in the pit and fissure before sealing . That is to say, if the pits and fissures have been decayed, it is not suitable to seal the pits and fissures, because the bacteria will be sealed inside, which will aggravate the progress of caries. If the caries are removed first, the pits and fissures will be smoothed accordingly, and there is no possibility of pit and fissure sealing.

Therefore, the best time for pit and fissure closure is as follows:

3~4 years old closed deciduous molars;

6~7 years old, close the sixth-year-old teeth (first permanent molars);

The first and second premolars are closed around the age of 11;

The second permanent molar was closed at the age of 12.

It is not impossible for adults to perform pit and fissure sealing, but only teeth without caries can perform pit and fissure sealing . If you have caries, the best way is to get a filling as soon as possible.


Are pits and fissures expensive?

Pit and fissure sealing is not expensive . Most hospitals can do it, and it is very simple. It can be done in more than 20 minutes. The price is usually around a few hundred yuan . Some big cities have even launched welfare activities for free pit and fissure sealing for school-age children .

Does the pit and fissure seal hurt?

No pain. The pit and fissure seal does not come close to or touch the nerve of the tooth, so it is not painful.

Will pit and fissure sealing have adverse effects or side effects on my child?

Some parents are concerned about the negative effects of pit and fissure sealants, especially their ingredient, bisphenol A (BPA). However , there is currently no conclusive evidence that sealants for pit and fissure sealing are harmful , so parents can rest assured that their children will use them.

After the pits and fissures are closed, can you not get cavities without brushing your teeth?

As long as the agent that seals the pit and fissure does not come off, the caries in the pit and fissure will not grow. Even if the chemical agent is lost, it can be replaced.

However, in places where there is no sealant, such as the sides or proximal surfaces of teeth, there is still the possibility of caries . However, most caries occur on the occlusal surface, that is, the pit and fissures, so sealing the pits and fissures first can prevent most caries.

Can adults do pit and fissure sealing?

Adults can do it as long as they don’t have caries . But if you have caries, you can directly fill your teeth.

Author: Hua Tuo 3 minutes

Editor: Li Xiaoqiu, Li Xiaokui


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Had this method been known a few years earlier, the “dentist phobia” would have been eliminated long ago.


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