If you were asked to design your home ten years from now, what do you think it would look like?

Sometimes designers, like artists, have moments of inspiration, moments of pain, and moments of madness. When Manet frantically used a variety of bright, highly saturated tones, abandoned the three-dimensional sense of traditional painting, and achieved a new legend of Impressionism; when Matisse broke the traditional aesthetic of the picture, established a new order, and used child-like skills to Deeply conceived subject matter, Fauvism became that famous and eccentric style.


Furniture designers are also eager for madness and change. There are also many interesting design schools, and they have also created many incredible furniture designs. Some of these works are still incomprehensible, and some designs are magically entered into thousands of families. household.

If you have the impression that the barber shop ten years ago, accompanied by washing, cutting and blowing and some Internet songs, you may be sitting on such a sofa waiting for the call. It has become a representative symbol of a certain time in China, a certain culture, representing the rebellion of that generation, the desire to break the self and embrace a new world.



Although this is not the original design or the original modeling process, its design purpose is very obvious, which is to oppose the functions, proportions, beautiful shapes, etc. advocated in traditional furniture design, etc. All the design rules that have long been established by the secular .

This is the new trend of design that once swept the world – anti-design.

“Extreme sensory enjoyment, complete pleasure first” is a famous saying of anti-designism. This is because at the end of World War II and during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, keen artists and designers were once again uncomfortable with human rationality. , or the Bauhaus have produced fatigue, more love of life, advocating feelings.


When a designer moved a man-high cactus into a home in the form of furniture, it meant that the history of furniture design opened up a new pattern— creating pleasure . Designer Guido Drocco and Franco Mello created it together in 1972. Before this design, no matter how complicated and beautiful the previous Rococo was, no matter how sophisticated and rigorous the structure of Ming furniture, no matter how Bauhaus design Simple, there are standard styles and genres as a guide for design.

And this design has told the world and the majority of designers that you may not need professional design knowledge and theory, as long as you feel the novelty and pleasure that this cactus brings to you, you will understand A whole new design capability!


This kind of design style has actually influenced many brands and consumers later. Most people can’t imagine the novel experience buried in a pile of soft jungle lounge chairs. It breaks the meaning and value given by traditional design. The interpretation of life is meaningless, but happy.


The Memphis style, which has recently become popular again, seems to be a retro trend in the next few years. As the main representative of anti-designism, it has achieved the ultimate sense of sensory stimulation. Every design and every color scheme is teasing you. The bottom line of home design, but it can easily overcome your rationality.



We can see polar bears at our friends’ houses, pupa bears.

back to the Future

Memphis and anti-designism are the same in core theory as popular pop art, fashionable, ephemeral, high-impact mass art, praising the masses, secular at the same time, which in turn is actually rejecting authority and elites.

Andy Warhol said everyone has 15 minutes to be famous.

It means that celebrities need more opportunities than deep knowledge and superb technology. In the past, as designers, we needed to study all kinds of materials and characteristics in life, know how to process these materials in factories, learn humanistic knowledge, ergonomic considerations, and so on. If carpentry used to be regarded as a professional type of work, now the materials are abundant and manufacturing can be very simple, making a piece of furniture as easy as pinching a villain.

In the future, furniture design will definitely be like photography and video, so that everyone has the opportunity to create, inspiration and knowledge will become more flat, everyone is a photographer and editor, and the identity of a furniture designer is also increasing. The more blurred, the self-made furniture began to appear gradually, everyone hopes to create their own unique furniture, I believe that the future is the era of national creation.



When someone is decorating, they can use the remaining pipes, cement, and foam to make a chair, which is full of fun and a sense of returning to basics. The popularization of design is bound to be accompanied by unevenness. Most people’s level may only stay at the level of DIY, but people with artistic aesthetics can make furniture look brand new and even creative ideas.




Frames and furniture made of styrofoam

Styrofoam has been very popular in recent years. Its material is easy to obtain or make. It has strong modeling ability and low price. The large irregular foam produced is very suitable for decorating this flashy society, with a little speculative design. Feeling that people are inflated and frivolous like a bubble, and it once became popular in the Internet celebrity circle.

If you have deeper perseverance and more artistic ideas, you can also try to go to the sea to precipitate salt and wrap it around your furniture to form a unique fashion design. It is very slow to make and may only add a small layer a day. It may be experienced It takes months to generate the form of a piece of furniture.


Even a Japanese designer makes real crystal chairs and furniture by cultivating crystals. The production may be slower, but this kind of creation seems to be full of romance and the infusion of life ideas. Isn’t this what the trend of Internet celebrities is now pursuing cultural empowerment?


In the environment created by the whole people, the sensitivity to new fashions is unprecedented. Those who are willing to change come to the front earlier. They may be tired of the same industrial products made by factories, but think of nature and beauty. In the real world, I miss the creation of hands, the texture of soil, the less regular table surface, and the unpredictable life.




Wabi-sabi is such a trend. Many people can’t understand this style, because they still create a design template with the idea of ​​modern industrial society, but they are self-defeating. But wabi-sabi is on the contrary, what it advocates is the sincere emotion for the home, not catering to the style, not pretentious, it belongs to the shape of the home that everyone creates for himself, this may be the first sign of the future national furniture design Sexual declaration.



Everything in the future is confused. This is the fate of the explorer. As the identities of artists and designers become more and more blurred, the creative ability of the whole people may help the group to move towards a more interesting future world. .

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