In the trillion-dollar enterprise service market, who can “cross the cycle” and stand out? | 2022 “Industrial Technology Most Commercial Value List”

It is often said that China is the country that has been most completely changed by the Internet. In the past 20 years or so, people’s shopping, travel, eating and other ways have almost undergone earth-shaking changes. Today, through cameras and texts, you will find that from factories to cities, the wave of the Industrial Internet has swept across.

Whether you go to an emerging innovative enterprise or a traditional manufacturing enterprise, you can see that the demand for enterprise services such as precision marketing, collaborative office, and process automation is gradually becoming prominent.

There are even some viewpoints that in the digital age, companies that cannot complete digital transformation have no room for survival, just as horses and carts cannot compete with high-speed rail.

In the face of the urgent transformation of enterprise digitalization, the enterprise service market has also begun to become full of vitality. More and more capital and entrepreneurs have joined it, and the application scenarios of enterprise services have become more and more diversified.

Taking SaaS companies as an example, in 2021, 27 companies will IPO on the secondary market, with a total of 2,369 financing events throughout the year, and the total financing amount exceeds 100 billion.

Entering 2022, under the influence of geopolitics, repeated epidemics, declining macroeconomic conditions and many other factors, although the enterprise service field has experienced a contraction in the market, the valuation of some companies has shrunk significantly, and their stock prices have plunged. However, digital transformation is irreversible, and enterprise services are still A very certain long-term investment track.

As one of the top industrial media in the technology industry, launched the “Industrial Technology Most Commercial Value List” selection plan in August this year.

According to the statistics of, 671 companies were nominated and applied for the list of “Industrial Technology Most Commercial Value List” of, covering the 13 companies that received the most attention from the previous preset by Large fields, multiple vertical dimensions. After a month-long intensive review, 61 companies with the most representative aspects of investment value, product innovation and corporate management were finally selected.

Among them, in the field of “enterprise service”, five enterprises, e-sign treasure, Bairong Zhihui Cloud, Ant Group, Feishu and Kingdee, stood out and won the “Most Investment Value Enterprise Service Enterprise” and “Best Precision Marketing Solution Award” respectively. “, “The Most Innovative Enterprise Service Enterprise”, “Best Office Collaboration Solution Award”, “Best Financial Digital Solution Award”.

Enterprise Service Enterprise with the Most Investment Value: e-sign treasure

eSignature is a leader in the field of electronic signatures, providing the world’s leading electronic contract full life cycle services for enterprise organizations, government service systems, and individual users.

e-Signature is equipped with a secure and credible electronic signature and intelligent contract performance platform, a seal management platform integrated with materials and electricity, an identity authentication and intelligent risk control system, a blockchain evidence preservation and management platform, and an online quick judgment and judicial service system. application.

eSignature is the only Chinese e-signature company in the industry to be included in the “2020 Hurun Global Unicorn List”; in September 2021, it completed the first E-round financing in China’s e-signature industry, with an amount of 1.2 billion yuan, funded by Sequoia China , IDG Capital and GLP Hidden Mountain Capital led the investment, and the total financing amount is the highest in the industry so far; in the same month, it announced the strategic acquisition of Jinge Technology.

As of the end of August 2021, e-Signature has served 100+ Fortune Global 500 customers and 200+ China Top 500 customers, created more than 1,500 government service application scenarios with governments at all levels, and achieved deep integration with 3,000+ ecological partners. Create an electronic signature service ecosystem and become a pioneer in China’s digital transformation construction.

Best Precision Marketing Solution Award: Bairong Zhihui Cloud

Bairong Zhihui Cloud is the navigator of precision marketing ecological services in the financial industry. It is committed to breaking the “lemon market” from the root. Under the background of “promoting consumption and expanding domestic demand”, it has accumulated dynamic customers through technological innovation and industry deep cultivation. Label building capabilities, deeply cultivate the financial service track, and assist financial institutions to achieve business upgrades.

In terms of technical application, Bairong Zhihui Cloud relies on industry-leading AI technology capabilities and cutting-edge algorithm models to provide strong technical support for financial digital marketing. At the same time, Bairong Zhihui Cloud empowers financial institutions with scenarios to help financial institutions break through low-frequency scenarios, find accurate customers by leveraging high-frequency scenarios, and improve conversion efficiency. In addition, Bairong Zhihui Cloud also adheres to the core concept of creating current value and future value for customers, ensuring a 24-hour online and timely response service mechanism.

With both “integrated traffic asset library” and “joint modeling” capabilities, the full-process solution provided by Bairong Zhihui Cloud gives full play to the role of routers and effectively improves the “headaches, doctors, and other problems that financial institutions face in the marketing field.” The current situation of blind and point-like coping with foot pain and foot pain.

The data shows that Bairong Zhihui Cloud has cooperated with more than 130 financial institutions customers, covering customers in the financial field such as large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, and licensed financial institutions; and has carried out pre-credit cooperation with some financial institutions. Financial institution approval can be up to 80%.

Most Innovative Enterprise Service Enterprise: Ant Group

Ant Group started Alipay in 2004. After 18 years of development, it has become the world’s leading Internet open platform.

Through technological innovation, Ant Group helps partners to provide consumers and small and micro enterprises with inclusive and convenient digital life and digital financial services; continues to open up products and technologies to facilitate digital upgrading and collaboration of enterprises; cooperates extensively around the world to serve local Merchants and consumers realize “global collection”, “global payment” and “global exchange”.

Ant Group has developed the “IMAGE Intelligent Risk Control Technology System” based on technologies such as trusted AI, graph computing, blockchain, and privacy computing. IMAGE has opened the 10-millisecond era of intelligent risk control, which can complete the risk determination of a transaction within 0.01 seconds. For transactions that are judged to be risk-free, the system will release them very quickly. For transactions that are judged to be risky, a 90-second risk “confirmation period”, a 15-minute transaction “cooling-off period”, and a 24-hour transaction “return period” are configured. . Under the technical support of IMAGE, the latest data shows that Alipay’s capital loss rate in 2021 will be less than 0.98 parts per billion, far ahead of the industry.

In addition to intelligent anti-fraud technology, Ant has also carried out rich practices in data security and privacy protection technology. At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in 2022, Ant Group’s “Language Trusted Privacy Computing Technology Stack” was also listed as the treasure of the eight town halls.

Best Office Collaboration Solution Award: Feishu

Feishu is an advanced enterprise collaboration and management platform that integrates functions such as instant communication, audio and video conferencing, online office, online documents, cloud disk and workbench, helping enterprises to achieve efficient communication and smooth collaboration. Improve business efficiency.

At first, Feishu was mainly used inside ByteDance to support efficient collaboration among employees. At present, Feishu has gone out of byte, serving Haier, “Weixiaoli”, Xiaomi, Xinsong, Sany Heavy Industry, China Resources, New Hope, Horizon, Haidilao, Xibei and other advanced teams. Li Xiang, the founder of Lixiang Auto, once described Feishu as “a huge perception tool”.

Feishu has two core product lines, “Feishu Office” and “Feishu People”, to help enterprises efficiently achieve “Feishu for everyone and everything”. For small and medium-sized enterprises, Feishu has also launched the “Leadership Plan”, which will not only provide Feishu Office Standard Edition and Feishu People Standard Edition for small and medium-sized enterprises free of charge, but also open 10,000 places for free. Provide product training, product configuration and other services for small and medium-sized enterprises, help them use Feishu faster and make good use of Feishu, enhance their ability to resist risks, and let the company’s management move from “rough room” to “fine decoration”.

Best Financial Digital Solution Award: Kingdee

Kingdee has always been a “leader” in the digital transformation of corporate finance, and has accumulated substantial and rich experience in financial management, especially in the field of digital transformation of corporate finance, which has achieved huge breakthroughs. With its first-class products and services, Kingdee Financial Cloud has won the favor of many large enterprises, and has become the common choice of many Fortune 500 and specialized new enterprises.

At present, Kingdee Cloud·Xinghan, a large-scale enterprise of Kingdee, has assisted Zhejiang Communications Investment Group to realize the consolidation of financial statements of more than 900 accounting organizations in the group; based on the assembleable, intelligent and globalized financial center, it has helped Hisense Group Realizing the integration of business and finance, reducing financial risks, improving financial efficiency, and supporting rapid business innovation. Recently, China Merchants Group has also joined hands with Kingdee to use the Kingdee Cloud-Xinghan treasury management solution to reconstruct the financial resource management system such as internal funds, and accelerate the construction of a world-class financial management system.

At the same time, China General Technology Group chose Kingdee to replace the financial system and accounting system that had been used for many years; Shandong Heavy Industry Group built a digital application ecosystem based on Kingdee Cloud·Sky and Kingdee Cloud·Xinghan, and moved towards a world-class enterprise; In addition, Yunnan China Tobacco has also replaced the systems of well-known foreign manufacturers with Kingdee’s new-generation ERP system, which has been launched and accepted.

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