Insomnia, many thoughts flashed

(The following is the thoughts shared in the circle of friends after the corner grass insomnia. I was very touched after reading it. After obtaining consent, I added a little bit of my own thoughts as the beginning of the new year.)

Text / Corner Grass

Insomnia, but flashed a lot of thinking.

1. Most people are difficult, the difficulty is that they do not have their own potential energy, they are real and kind.

(Zuoan Note: What is potential energy, is the consistent advantages and abilities. To be a good person, to be a real good person, you need to have a hard body, that is, a hard enough ability to provide stable and safe survival resources. Let yourself first, let The one you love can not be hurt. To be a good person, you should go into battle with your clothes on instead of charging with your shirtless. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful it is, it is just a “record” of some sinister people, and it is not worth it.)

2. If my mind is settled, my father doesn’t have to have high demands on my conduct. The truth is, I didn’t do as requested either.

(Zuoan Note: People will always find a path that suits them. You should listen to other people’s good suggestions. How you do it depends on yourself. A person’s growth is not something that others can ask for, but is produced by one’s own self-awareness or tempering. .)

3. Going around in a circle, but still in the same place. This shore and the other shore where we may be today are the normal state of life. Self-knowledge of whether you are warm or cold, live well in the moment, don’t care about the meaning.

(Zuo Anji: If you look at life with a broader philosophy of life, life can really be lived with a smile. I believe that uncertainty is better than certainty. Certainty is like an uncaused effect of early zeroing. Only uncertainty is about to move , is about to happen or not, doesn’t matter.)

4. It takes courage to give up and go on the road. The former is easy, the latter requires a lot.

(Zuo Anji: A mature person must think about what I have, what I want, and what I am willing to give up. What others have, what others want, and what others are willing to give up. Then look for an opportunity for cooperation, and if you find it, it is possible to cooperate , If you can’t find it, there’s no game.)

5. The future is promising, and one must be on the road for reading and traveling. When I need it, I will work harder to fight for it.

(Zuoan Note: I prefer to understand travel here as practice, so reading and traveling must be done together. If you only read but do not practice, you are a “white-faced scholar”, and often you can only talk about it on paper. Now some so-called experts are In this way, if you don’t rely on your conscience and don’t understand the people’s sentiments, you can just talk about it; if you don’t read books and travel thousands of miles, you will be just a postman, because the life you have passed, the scenery will be forgotten after a while, and there is no way to produce more and deeper insights. Maybe it happens, but Can’t get a good summary.)

6. It is rare to be confused, and it is also rare to be sober.

(Zuoan Note: Laozi discovered confusion and named it Wuwei. Confucius discovered confusion and named it Zhongyong. Zhuangzi discovered confusion and named it Xiaoyao. Mozi discovered confusion and named it Feigong. Tathagata discovered confusion and named it Ecstasy. There are some things that are boring if you ask them clearly. People should not be too exhausted, and things should not be too clear. If they are too exhaustive, the fate will inevitably end early. So sometimes, the best way is to be confused. But you should not be too confused about everything, Wanghou General, it’s about the state system, if one thing is confused, thousands of people will suffer. In the end, life is based on your mood, and you are tired because there are too many things that can affect your mood. Changes in the weather, changes in human feelings, different Scenery will affect your mood, and they are beyond your control. If you see it clearly, you should not be confused about the big things in life, and don’t be too shrewd about the small things.)

7. When dealing with a relationship, don’t bring another innocent person along, it’s not fair.

(Zuo An Ji: People are innocent, how can they lay guns for no reason? Like Bai Mulin in Three Body Li who framed Ye Wenjie and made Ye Wenjie “black”. Why do people implicate innocent people when they commit crimes? It’s just to complicate things so that they can escape or transfer Contradiction, this is blaming, and it is an extremely selfish behavior.)

8. Going to bed on time is as important as getting up early. Evening is as productive a time as morning.

(Zuo Anji: After recovering from Yang Guo, you still need to ensure adequate sleep. According to your own biological clock, you should sleep on time and not stay up late. Many diseases are accumulated over time. Once people indulge their bad habits, it is difficult to return to sleep. into a virtuous circle.)

9. Start work

(Zuo An Ji: I wish everyone good luck!)

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