Interpretation of Lin Zhenglu’s Pingnan Practice

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Poetic Dwelling – Constructing a New Way of Life and Production


  1. Nature and residence are superimposed, residence is in nature, and nature is also in residence. The residence is organically integrated with nature.
  2. Living place, business place, creative space and social space are superimposed. The multi-functional residence is not only a living place, but also a business place, as well as a personal creative space and social space.
  3. Superposition of traditional management and new production methods

Traditional business: tourism service industry, etc.

New mode of production: Internet + literary and artistic creation.

Based on literary and artistic creation, with the help of self-media communication, a unique personal brand is formed.
It can not only attract traffic for the traditional businesses (catering, homestay, etc.) it operates, but also realize the value of artworks.

The literary and artistic creation here should be understood from the broad scope of creation, and all creations that do not depend on specific venues can be included. including but not limited to:

  1. literature

    1. traditional literature
    2. Web text
    3. script kill
  2. painting

    1. Oil painting, watercolor painting, porcelain plate painting, etc.
    2. comics
    3. illustration
  3. photography
  4. video creation

    1. Movie
    2. short video
    3. animation
  5. game production
  6. original music

Poetic dwelling is a future-oriented way of life and production that opens up people’s infinite possibilities. It not only brings about the liberation of people, but also brings about the liberation of the land, which is a leap in the mode of production.

Master Lin Zhenglu’s combination boxing

  1. Public welfare art education – activate people’s artistic cells and open up the possibility of artistic creation

    1. Free oil painting teaching & Internet selling painting
    2. Free Songwriting Tutorials & Beer Festival Public Performances & Nearly Completing Recording Studio & Predictable Music Releases
  2. From ancient village protection to tailor-made poetic dwelling

    1. free design
    2. Tailored

      1. Daily needs
      2. social needs
      3. Business needs, considering actual needs & profitability, targeted.

        1. For example, the barber shop is 35 square meters to meet the needs of food, accommodation and business
    3. System design: Fujian Xianfei Investment Co., Ltd. uses special loans as the source of funds, and builds according to the Pingnan Quantity Law. The lessee can raise opinions during the construction process. The rent is 10 yuan per square meter per month, +5% per year, and the long-term lease is 20 years.
  3. Entrepreneurship support – hand-made products have their own personal brand and will not be homogenized

    1. Pour coffee teaching
    2. Handmade IPA beer teaching
    3. Optional high-quality sources: coffee beans, ice cream
    4. Market stalls – practice in advance
    5. Teaching self-media, event planning, etc.
    6. ..
  4. Build regional public facilities

    1. public space

      1. Public Art Education Center
      2. rain corridor
      3. “On the Water Side”, Poetry Gallery
      4. 47 trees
      5. square, lawn
      6. ….
    2. street light
    3. bathroom

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