Introduction of Telegram payment gateway based on Smart Glocal

基于Smart Glocal的Telegram支付网关介绍

Registration conditions

  1. A TG channel that can withstand censorship, you must be the owner, then pull the @donate bot into the administrator and then give permission
  2. Based on SUMSUB authentication, support for mainland China ID cards (upload positive and negative), 3d face (circle similar to Faceid)
  3. payment method

Provide channel ID -> pull the robot to the administrator’s authority -> fill in the form to register (receipt information, selling price information, push information, can be changed later, no verification)

-> Authentication (To finalize registration we need you to verify your identity. Please take a selfie and provide your ID)

->Great! You are almost done with registration. Please wait, we are verifying your personal data. We will be back with an update for you soon.

->Awesome! You are verified. We will be back with an update for you soon. (6 minutes)

->Please wait while we are reviewing your channel

After that, there is no prompt, you can use it directly

payment method

Single transaction 1~2000EUR transaction amount (1000EUR for some functions), or RUB

The currency can only be EUR, RUB, USD is not supported (of course, USD and other cards can be paid)

Payment method support: bank card, Apple Pay, Google Pay

The transaction object is directly Smart Glocal itself (HK, HKG), without any channel or Telegram logo.

Further payment tests

1. Mainland China, Bank of China UnionPay credit card (625906), the card number is directly displayed in red and cannot be continued

2. Mainland China, Guangfa UnionPay credit card (622556), it shows Discover when input and Upay when deducting money, but an error is reported directly (not sure whether it is a UnionPay 3D problem) (there is no foreign exchange bureau to restrict merchants)

3. Mainland China, GF MasterCard Credit Card (536998), skip the MasterCard 3d verification, and pass the payment after verification

4. In the United States, Discover credit card, you can also fill in the card number, but the payment fails when you want to pay

5. The United States, Apple Card credit card, using ApplePay, direct payment of 104 euros, 0 risk control and smooth clearance, no additional 3D verification (although AppleCard under ApplePay online transmission supports 3D verification)

In addition, in ApplePay, JD QuickPass, UnionPay, and Discover are not supported, VISA, MasterCard, and Express are supported, and debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid debit cards can be used [the official FAQ says AP, GP, and VMA are supported].

Should not be Cash Advance (because Applecard does not support CA)


Transaction fee: 2.5%, minimum 0.08 EUR for a single transaction (if it is a paid Post, an additional 15% is required)

Withdrawal fee: 2% + 0.5 EUR for card organization transfer, 15 EUR for international wire transfer (TOS has, FAQ did not say)

Withdrawal method

International wire transfer (Europe, UK, China, Hong Kong, etc.), card organization transfer (Europe, UK, Hong Kong, etc.) [100EUR minimum]

Considering that it may be a swift wire transfer from a bank in the EU, I originally planned to use CapitalOne to receive it (but considering currency conversion, intermediary banks, and universality)

I switched to Wise’s Belgian EUR account (it doesn’t seem to say charges, in theory, it is possible that the transit bank in Europe is not available or cheaper, the speed should be faster, and there is no currency conversion) to see

The withdrawal time is the second half of the previous month on the 10th of each month, and the first half of the month on the 25th of each month, which is equivalent to D+10~25

Official Documentation and Related Websites

Common Functions

1. Donate direct one-time payment (also supports custom additional tips, that is, you only need to set a single payment of 1EUR, the customer can customize the additional) (you can see the payer ID)

2. Pay to watch paid content (additional 15% handling fee), support pictures and videos.

3. Support Subscription payment (you can see the name of the payer)

4. Pay to enter the channel (administrators can also manually approve for free)

compliance restrictions

You represent and warrant that you are the creator (author) of the Digital Content and/or have the appropriate rights to publish the Digital Content.

You also acknowledge and warrant that the Digital Content:

i) does not violate the terms of service;

ii) does not violate applicable laws, the personal laws of followers and/or creators;

iii) does not infringe the rights of third parties (copyright, exclusive rights, rights to personalisation means, etc.);

iv) not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, national origin, language, origin, attitude towards religion or other beliefs;

v) does not contain the promotion of certain political beliefs, and negative or critical statements about politics;

vi) not require violence, extremist activities, overthrow of existing governments or other institutions, use or distribution of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and other activities prohibited by applicable law;

vii) does not defame, insult or defame character;

viii) is not intended to induce sexual sensations or justify sexual conduct towards minor human children.

We strictly prohibit the use of the Services to buy, sell, distribute or pay for:

1. Any criminal activity:

• Incite, solicit or promote hatred/violence/racism/religious persecution;

• Encouraging, promoting, assisting or directing others to engage in illegal activities, fraud or the sale of dangerous or dangerous goods;

• Encourage, promote and sell prohibited goods and services:

‣ Drugs/illegal substances, steroids, etc., and related drug paraphernalia;

‣ weapons, firearms and ammunition;

‣ cigarettes and any tobacco products;

‣ Medicines, dietary supplements;

‣ Government ID card or document;

‣ Stolen goods, including digital and virtual goods;

‣ phone card;

‣ Fraudulent/deceptive marketing practices;

‣ High risk file hosting/sharing and network locks;

2. High-yield financial investments and get-rich-quick schemes of any kind:

• Pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix schemes;

• Online transaction services;

• Gambling business (casinos), betting, online betting;

• Penny and reverse auctions.

3. Any form of infringement of intellectual property rights

• Infringe any duly registered copyright/trademark or other intellectual property rights violation;

• Distribution of music, video, software and other products without a license issued by the copyright holder/authorized organization;

• Distribution of counterfeit products, distribution of unlicensed products;

4. Any other merchandise that is prohibited or restricted by applicable law and/or the personal laws of the creator or follower.

Doesn’t seem to restrict adult porn, politics, anime, etc.?


  1. The Company reserves the right to refuse to transfer the disputed payment to a follower upon receipt of information about these disputed payments if the amount or amount of the disputed payment by the follower does not exceed 20% of the total amount and/or total payment collected by the company for the creator in the relevant month. The creator will be received before payment is made.
  2. The Company reserves the right to refuse to transfer all funds collected to the Creator if the amount or number of Disputed Payments by Followers exceeds 20% of the total amount and/or number of times the Company has collected the Creator for the relevant month. creator until it receives a decision on all disputed payments.

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