Is the bride price in Jiangxi really “sky-high”? There are tens of thousands of judicial judgments for dowry gifts a year. Under what circumstances should they be paid back?

Five women from different cities in Jiangxi Province who have been married or engaged in the past three years recently shared their real situation with The Paper. The amount of their betrothal gifts was around 100,000, 200,000, and 300,000 yuan, respectively. There was also a woman who chose “zero betrothal gift” to get married. They also said that in most cases, after receiving the dowry, the bride’s parents will return it to the newly formed small family in the form of dowry. Using “betrothal gift” and “return” as keywords, a search on the Judgment Documents Network found that since 2014, more than 10,000 such judgments have been published every year. According to data from the Qichacha platform, there are currently 11,181 people listed as dishonest persons subject to enforcement by the court due to bride price disputes. | Related reading (Daily Economic News)


Because of the rumors of exorbitant bride price in Jiangxi, the wedding custom, which is always full of controversy, has been put on the table again. To put it simply, if the man wants to get back the bride price, there are only three situations: 1. The two parties have not received a marriage certificate; 2. They have received a marriage certificate and have not lived together; bride price. The amount to be returned needs to be judged by the court according to the actual situation such as local customs and the family conditions of both parties.

It is said that “upright officials can hardly decide housework”, the bride price itself is actually a very private matter between the two families, but in recent years, with the development of the Internet and some people’s showing off, the bride price has been somewhat “inflationary”. There is also comparison. The dowry itself represents a kind of commitment to marriage and has symbolic meaning. In most cases, it will be a dowry gift after marriage. Basically, it is the joint property of the husband and wife after marriage. legal distribution.

It is now said that men and women are equal, and this equality should also be reflected in the concept of marriage. As an ancient product of patriarchal thinking, bride price needs to be in line with modern thinking just like many ancient marriage customs. Moreover, bride price should never be the end and means of marriage.

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