It is suspected that Hu Xinyu’s notes during his lifetime disclosed: “The new environment is really difficult to adapt to”

On January 29, the Shangrao City Public Security Bureau reported that a recording pen was found at the scene where Hu Xinyu’s body was found and had been sent to an authoritative organization for identification. On December 25, 2022, Hu Xinyu’s mother once published the contents of Hu Xinyu’s school notebook on the self-media platform, but the content of the notebook was later deleted. According to the photos of the original notes obtained by the media, it is suspected that Hu Xinyu wrote them in class. Hu Xinyu wrote, “It’s really difficult to adapt to the new environment. My introverted personality is really annoying. I can’t blame my personality entirely. After all, I am such a person. I can relieve this mood by writing.” | Related reading (observation net)


The case of Hu Xinyu’s disappearance had sparked heated discussions among netizens on social media platforms before, but the controversy and speculation did not dissipate with the discovery of Hu Xinyu’s body.

Judging from the available information, Hu Xinyu should have hanged himself to death, but the police did not enter the warehouse for various reasons before, and the body was only discovered now. And all this can also be seen from Hu Xinyu’s notes during his lifetime, because he had difficulty adapting to the environment, he may have some psychological problems.

But at least judging from the reactions of everyone on the Internet, netizens would rather believe that there is a shocking conspiracy in it than believe that adolescents are indeed relatively fragile psychologically and tend to go to extremes in doing things.

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