Jianyue’s mobile terminal solution: supports WeChat clipping and content organization, and establishes a complete reading work

Jane’s mobile solution

Simple Joy is currently an online service based on webpage plug-ins, lacking desktop and mobile terminals. At present, the Jianyue plug-in can basically meet the reading needs of users on the PC side. However, a lot of fragmented content is carried out on the mobile terminal, and many users also hope that Jianyue will launch the mobile terminal as soon as possible.

Jane Yue’s existing mobile solutions

At present, the official solution proposed by Janjoy is: use the Janjoy API to use the existing third-party APP as a mobile auxiliary tool for Janjoy .

  • Use third-party services eg iOS / Android via Pocket → Simple Joy (as long as it supports IFTTT, Zapier is acceptable)
  • Via iOS shortcuts
  • Save any content with a link to Jane Yue’s Read Later via Telegram Bot
  • With the Popclip plug-in, save the linked content on the Mac to Jane’s Read Later
  • Through the Quicker action, send any link on Windows to Jianyue’s Read Later tools, some of which need to be paid for in-depth use, such as Popclip/Quicker/Pocket, and some are not friendly to ordinary users, such as Telegram. And iOS shortcut commands While convenient, it’s limited to Apple users only.


Advantages of using FlowUs as a mobile terminal

Now, there is a new option for the mobile terminal of Janjoy – FlowUs. Janjoy already supports exporting to FlowUs, and is also adapted to the FlowUs page .


And using FlowUs as the Janyue mobile terminal has the following advantages:

  • Support clipboard clipping;
  • Support system sharing;
  • Support WeChat to clip and hide a variety of content, and the multi-dimensional table automatically organizes the clipped content;

Support clipboard clipping

In fact, there are many third-party tools that can be used as Jane Joy. For example, in addition to some of the tools listed by the developer, tools such as GoodLinks are also available. However, most of these tools just generate a list of links. If you import the list to be read later into the page of the note-taking software, it needs to be processed manually. In the FlowUs mobile terminal, through clipboard recognition or system sharing , quickly clip and hide various content such as webpage links, text, pictures, files, etc. to the specified page .


Support system sharing

Support clipping in other apps through the system sharing menu. You can bookmark webpages; you can also clip and hide some fragments of content in webpages.


Support WeChat clipping

WeChat is a common information platform for mainland users. How to efficiently collect various fragmented information from WeChat has become an area that many efficient people often struggle with. Currently, FlowUs supports WeChat public account links to full text clipping . In addition, it also supports clipping various web links, pictures, texts, and files . As for WeChat chat records , full-text analysis of any web page , voice and other functions will be gradually supported later. These clippings are saved by default in the multi-dimensional table under the FlowUs “My Clippings” page, and automatically generate corresponding attributes such as tags, dates, sources, etc., so that users can reorganize and filter the collected content and processing.


  • Free and easy to use . In addition to the clipping function, on the basis of the block editor and multi-dimensional table features, FlowUs also supports native development, PC-side offline function, folder page, PDF annotation, two-way link, mind map and other functions. Most of the functions can be Free to use.


Based on the above characteristics, FlowUs can be used as a simple and easy-to-use mobile auxiliary tool.

Use Jianyue & FlowUs to build a complete reading workflow closed loop


  1. Every day, various fragmented information from mobile terminals are quickly collected through FlowUs’ clipboard identification, system sharing, and WeChat clipping.
  2. Open the desktop browser and use the Joy plug-in to enter the reading mode/focus mode. Annotate while reading .
  3. Afterwards, the content of Jane Yue’s web annotations will be automatically saved to the designated page of FlowUs . It is recommended that for each reading note, attributes such as summary, keywords, comments, ratings, and reading impressions are added to the multidimensional table , so that you can review, filter, and search for the note content in the future.
  4. In the end, note-taking software shouldn’t be the graveyard for reading notes. According to the guiding ideology of the evergreen note method and the card note writing method , it is best to gradually expand the content of your notes and add comments and comments. Then use FlowUs’ mind map , two-way link and other functions to weave related knowledge points together, and then gradually form a knowledge map. In addition to treating FlowUs as a card box and a carrier of self-talk, you can also use the collaboration function of FlowUs to conduct instant online collaboration with your colleagues and friends to improve your school and work efficiency.

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