Judging people by appearance is wrong, but judging people by wealth is mostly right

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△ 263|It is wrong to judge people by appearance, but it is mostly right to judge people by wealth

My wife and I have many restaurants that we often go to. One of the first conditions is that there are “less people”. These (low-quality) restaurants with fewer people and delicious food are generally called “private places”.

There will be grades in the restaurant, and there will be quiet places in different noisy places. Some are in the downtown area, but the consumption is not low, so there are not too many people; or this restaurant is originally in the “rich area”, so there are not too many people who can find it. And in the process, I observed an “interesting phenomenon”.

In a restaurant in a wealthy area, the children you encounter are likely to be very “educated” . At least they won’t make a lot of noise in the restaurant. They are also very polite to the waiters, and they will take the initiative to serve their own drinks. The waiter politely said thank you. In restaurants in downtown areas, even though the price per customer is higher, it is still easy to encounter “uneducated” children , yelling in the restaurant, or constantly knocking on the dishes with cutlery, or shouting that they must to eat something.

Although, the education I received from childhood was “Don’t judge people by their appearance”, but after all, I was not taught to “judgment people by wealth”, so after I discovered this set of rules, it became a kind of “common sense” in my worldview .

I swiped a news in the news stream two days ago, but because of the real-time information refresh, it disappeared quickly, so I have not found its source. The news screen is roughly a group of students standing up and reading a slogan. The content of the slogan is related to the content of “drinking milk and growing strong.” ” students look at.

The content of the news should be that the school asked students who ordered school milk to “perform” for those who were unwilling (voluntary) to order school milk. I tried to find the source of this news and found out that there were similar news before 2017. “A primary school requires students to voluntarily order milk, but during recess, students who ordered milk were asked to stand up and drink it to students who didn’t order it.”

I thought hard just now why I was completely unimpressed by the fact that elementary school asked to order milk. So I asked my wife casually, did she order student milk when she was a child? In the end, the two of us recalled that we did ask our family for money to order milk, but we spent all of this money on “Knife’s Edge”. In addition, I was originally a second-skinned person, so I should be very happy to watch my classmates and perform in front of me “they want to drink milk, and they can thrive when they drink it, and half of the classmates in the class can become doctors, Half of the classmates who became scientists and didn’t order milk grew up to be at most a conductor.” – As an aside, conductors have disappeared in this era.

Of course, with my current self, of course I still wouldn’t order that milk full of flavors and additives, but I wouldn’t be sitting in the “audience seat”, I would be another group of performers, and the others The classmates who did not order milk formed an “organization”. In the big break after the second get out of class, in the performance of “Drinking Health, Drinking Power, and Drinking Different Seems Like It’s Easier to Become a Doctor and Scientist than Others”, There is also another kind of performance – “We have a choice”, I can drink my own milk, I can drink soy milk, I can drink tea, and I can even bring out Coke fried chicken.

It is conceivable that there will be various “tug-of-war” with the teacher in this process, and it is even possible that he will finally stipulate that he can only drink the student milk ordered from the school during the big break. A more interesting way to play – what qualifications do you have to dictate what students eat and drink? You give me the fucking file!

Therefore, when I take myself as a “sample”, from the perspective of “taking money for people”, I who refuse to pay for school milk orders are indeed a little low in quality, and even a little disrespectful to those who have paid for school milk orders , which violated their good hope that “you can thrive if you drink it, and half of the classmates in the class will become doctors and half of them will become scientists if you drink it. The classmates who didn’t order milk will grow up to be at most a conductor when they grow up.”

The students who ordered milk stood up and read the slogan of ordering milk. They really played the rules of the game of “taking people with money” to the extreme. I have to admire these teachers and schools who are trying to force students to order milk. What else can they use? means harvesting leeks from students and their parents.

When I was having dinner one day and said to my wife, “I feel that the children here are very well-educated,” I felt a little stunned in my heart – it turned out that I was also using such a label to stick it on other people’s heads. It’s because this child lives in a wealthy area, so his “tutoring” has become a “inevitability”; in a place where there are many other people mixed up, when I meet a child who doesn’t talk about quality, I silently raise my inner self. Tolerance, as long as they don’t pour boiling water on us, I’m already grateful.

When I finished today’s daily writing, I conducted a very deep self-examination – what step was wrong, which led to Yu also becoming a guy who “takes people with money”, and will recognize the consumption level Avoid the business logic of encountering low-quality people. This logic is probably the same as those students who stand up with milk and proudly read the student milk slogan. If there is no such action, without this differentiated behavior, it is impossible for them to recognize that the behavior of “actively spending money to order milk” is “there is benefits”, and those students who “voluntarily do not want to order student milk” will realize that although this is a “voluntary” project, it will also become a “label because they are unwilling to spend money” “ —You can’t afford milk, so you can’t compare to your classmates who drink school milk.

If this principle is violated, the people in the rules of the game will not realize the use of ordering milk that is full of flavors and additives. I actually believed that the school went to order the poison that was mixed with water. Therefore, at the moment, they urgently need a “comparison” to prove their choice is right.

Children in rich areas are more literate and obedient, while people in downtown areas are mixed, and they will inevitably encounter children without tutoring.

In this distinction, people will have their own choices, whether to spend more money to stay away from fools, or to become more fools than fools, and become the king of the law of the jungle. There is a logic in this, we have to make it clear, it is not that the more money, the less stupid people are .

So the conclusion is: it’s wrong to judge people by appearance, but it’s mostly right to judge people by wealth, drink your mother’s school milk!

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