Late Summer Trip to Sambo National Park around Seattle

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Because I don’t like visiting attractions and camping very much, I haven’t been to any of the surrounding national parks in Seattle for more than half a year. At the end of August, my friend came to Seattle, and we just took the opportunity to form a group to go to Mt. Rainier and Olympic for a weekend. After returning, I felt that the rainier was very amazing. I bought the national park pass at the speed of light, and found a time to go to North Cascades and melon slices by myself. Come and go the skyline again. These national parks can be reached by car for two or three hours. I feel that it is not too bad to go hiking on weekends. It is much more convenient than those around the Bay Area. When Mt. Rainier came to Seattle many years ago, he took a classmate’s car to eat and was on the road (now I think it should be walking…

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