Li Jiaqi, who “disappeared” for 100 days, makes a comeback on Taobao

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At around 7:15 p.m. on September 20, Li Jiaqi, who “disappeared” for 109 days, restarted the live broadcast in the Taobao live broadcast room. The rebroadcast was not announced on Weibo, WeChat and other platforms. As of 20:30, the number of fans in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room reached 64.456 million, with a total of 37.275 million views and 117 million likes; 12 of the 15 products currently on the shelves have been sold out.

Brands participating in this live broadcast include L’Oreal, Anta, Bilang, etc., covering categories such as daily necessities and cosmetics.

Before this live broadcast, Li Jiaqi’s last live broadcast was on June 3 this year . Halfway through the live broadcast, it was suddenly interrupted.

Afterwards, Li Jiaqi said on his personal Weibo, “Backstage technical failure, we are dealing with it urgently, please wait a moment.”

About two hours later, Li Jiaqi posted again, “I’m very sorry, but tonight we can’t continue the live broadcast because of our internal equipment failure. Everyone, rest early. The products that have not yet been broadcast will be brought to you in our future live broadcasts.”

Since Li Jiaqi’s Weibo on June 3, explaining the reason for the sudden suspension of the live broadcast that day, there has been no update since then.

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