Life after quitting

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Let’s talk about your life after quitting.

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything. There were a lot of things that I wanted to record at the time, but, ah, I’m still getting lazy. Since I changed jobs, I have changed from a work state of leisurely watching videos every day to a state of concentration all day long. After work, I feel physically and mentally exhausted and do not want to do anything.

A few days ago, I watched the talk show of the black light, and I wanted to record it at that time. It was the National Day holiday, so let’s talk about some recent events in my spare time.

black light

From the earliest “Talk Show of the Post-80s Tonight” to the current “Talk Show Conference”, I am an old audience of talk shows. From Shi Yan and Zhao Xing to Rock and Qiu Rui, I have many favorite talk show actors. This talk show, Black Lantern is one of the actors I am very interested in. Although he has a visual impairment, it does not affect the excellent text and excellent performance. The online show made people look forward to his offline performance. It happened that he saw the special black light show on Damai and booked a ticket.

The offline performance of Black Light is obviously more open, which will make you feel that he is a very real and ordinary person. For example, there are some swear words in his offline speech that are not available online. This may be a personal habit, but it is also a personal characteristic. Appropriate swear words will increase the atmosphere of the scene. For another example, his brain is really very flexible, and he will hang a lot of jokes on the spot. In the process of interacting with the audience, he will not lose the slightest in the face of some audiences with open minds. This is different from the inherent image of disabled people in my impression. For example, in a paragraph of Black Lamp, it is mentioned that the three major occupations that people think of blind people are massage, erhu and fortune-telling. Indeed, when such an explosive head with sunglasses stands in front of you, interacting with the audience while putting on dirty words, you will feel that this is an ordinary person. And one of the reasons I like the black light is that the black light conveys a value through the talk show – don’t give too much care to the disadvantaged, the best care is to treat them as normal people.

In fact, there will also be films like “Unreachable” to convey this point of view, but I think the black light through the jokes, this humorous way with sadness and opinions, is a very advanced way. One of Heideng’s passages said that when he went out to eat hot pot, he became the scene of BBK reading machine, and his chopsticks just pointed to a dish, oh, this is potatoes! Then there will be endless potatoes in the bowl, and he reaches for the cup, oh, this is water! In fact, he can do these things himself, and these excessive concerns are reminding him that you are different from others.

Of course, there are many interesting jokes about the black light. For example, he can also ride a bicycle. There is a short pause here, and the audience burst into laughter. But what made me want to write is that he showed one of his “ability” on the spot – the ability to listen to words. Heideng Online said in the show that he played script killing with his friends, but he was the fastest to read the script. Many viewers didn’t understand what was going on, because he filmed the script with a mobile phone, and then the mobile phone recognized it and read it later. For him, this reading can be accelerated. When he took out his mobile phone and started a demonstration, he was instantly amazed. Hei Deng said that he can listen to the content on his mobile phone at 8 times the speed of a normal person.

The reason why I feel so emotional about it myself is that I have had this personal experience as well. When I was in elementary school, when I first started myopia, I didn’t dare to tell my parents, and I sat in the back row of the classroom. The whole class was basically a dictation class, and I couldn’t read the blackboard at all. So, when the teacher asks everyone to take notes and the teacher says something orally, I find that I can often write down more of those contents than others. At this time, everyone is still “What is after this sentence, that word is what?”

Man, really when you lose something, some of your other abilities gradually become very powerful. When you rely heavily on some abilities, you also ignore others.

Every family’s happiness is different

I joined the new club just in time for the team building, so the dinner is naturally indispensable. When it comes to dinner parties, parents are short-lived, and bragging is indispensable. The big brother next to me looks like the guy “Your background is too fake”. This big brother goes to work every day and sells us miserably:

  • Oops, my wife is too strict. Every morning, I have to ride my electric bike to take my wife to the subway station. I let her ride by herself, but she doesn’t want me to take it.
  • My wife doesn’t let me smoke. I have to brush my teeth and wash my hands every day before leaving get off work.
  • My daughter-in-law leaves me 1,500 yuan every month. It’s so hard these days.

After eating and chatting, the big brother slammed the table: “Just get used to these girls now!” Everyone laughed, and someone asked the leader, is this really what their family is like? Leader said:

“Don’t watch him speak ill of his daughter-in-law in the company every day, this kid starts to speak ill of his colleagues to his daughter-in-law when he goes back. What, oh my, our leader is not a good person, he tells me every day that this cigarette is good to smoke and that wine is good to drink. , I don’t know what the leader means, whether he is pointing at me. These words came out of his mouth. In fact, his daughter-in-law is a special housekeeping girl. No matter how strict he is, he actually hopes to do this for them. Xiaojia works hard. After all, she still needs to save money to buy a house and a car. So, when her daughter-in-law and him go to the movies, they would rather take a few more subway stops and go to a farther and cheaper movie theater. Then, in our department, you are like Brother Fei, his daughter-in-law belongs to that kind of virtuous type. On weekends, he buys good food and cooks delicious food for him at home, so you can see Brother Fei’s body shape. Brother Tao, you can tell from your circle of friends. It can be seen that the relationship between him and his daughter-in-law is that sweet type. So in fact, everyone is very happy, but the mode of getting along between husband and wife is different.

Of course, there were more than a dozen people at the entire wine table, and I was the only one who was unmarried, which was a bit awkward. Seeing the iron men of the same age or even younger than me, all got married and had children, I felt a little unspeakable all of a sudden. I remembered a chat I had with an older brother:

  • I mainly feel that my desire to get married is not very strong. I feel that marriage seems to bind people. After all, the other party will take up a lot of your time. If you are alone, you can do a lot of things you want to do. free.
  • Boy, you are still young. People are just what they deserve. I like the godfather very much, it is the man who maintains his family, and the one who is free is only a boy.

I actually have an obsession, I want to be rich, I want to have a successful career, and then I can start a family. When I’m alone, whether I’m working hard for my career, or I’m wasting my time while lying on the sofa and watching videos, no one will talk about me, and no one will care about me. When I have tossed enough, then get married. However, at the wine table, when the old buddies’ phones rang one after another, it was a tacit understanding between the husband and wife who wanted to leave the table earlier rather than his wife checking the post. As for me, of course I am free and easy, but there are also fewer people who are “checking posts”, the feeling that someone is thinking about, someone is thinking about, and someone is waiting for you, which is also one of the happiness that marriage brings to people. This feeling, in It was very strong at that time.

Rich people have things they can’t buy

Is a house expensive? I think that for a normal family, it shouldn’t be a big problem to buy a house worth several million with a pool, a loan, and a down payment. At the dinner table, the leader said that behind the place where we ate was a very expensive community. A large flat floor of almost more than 20 million sets. Why is it so expensive? On the one hand, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and subways are located in the core area of ​​our city. On the other hand, this community will give the owner a very noble feeling on the property. Of course, this kind of community is inaccessible to ordinary people. The community even has a dedicated channel for owners to go directly to supermarkets and subways. During the lockdown of the city, the owners of this community have the right to give priority to purchases.

I was thinking that at my old employer, after the company’s organizational structure was adjusted, my immediate superior was a person who drove a car worth 100,000 yuan, bought a small house in a suburban high-rise, and lived a tight life. At the new owner, the leader drives a BMW, the child goes to a very good primary school, and he looks very young. You will think that such a winner in life will not have any troubles. In fact, there will also be, when the leaders are talking about this house, they also reveal to some extent their desire to work hard and have enough. So you see, no matter how much money you earn, in the circles you come into contact with, there will always be things that are richer than you, and things you cannot buy. These things will become your pressure and troubles.

what a small world

My leader, who worked in a certain army before, also rose to a relatively high rank. Later, due to the restructuring, he was required to change to a civilian job or a career. He chose to change careers, and eventually he came to my new employer. After the dinner, I accompanied the leader to the garage, and chatted with the leader about my ex and my entrance exam for the military:

  • I also took the military civilian exam last year, XX Province Military Region.
  • How about it?
  • After the written test, and for the interview and physical examination, I lost 20 pounds in a month, but after the interview, it was a little worse.
  • In fact, at that time, a lot of girls who transferred to the clerical jobs started having two or three children as soon as they passed.
  • The system is almost the same, and there is no way for women to give birth.
  • Are you out of a relationship?
  • There was one who we talked to for two years before, but the parents of the other party also retired from the army. They disagreed. They felt that our profession was not good enough. I hope that my girl must find someone from our locality and within the system. For this reason, I also took the test.
  • Our industry is great! The country also attaches so much importance to it, does the girl have the same attitude?
  • In this industry, our practitioners may know it, but laymen don’t understand it either. The girl is also very aggrieved. As soon as I said I didn’t really want to join the system, she said okay. As soon as her parents said it, she felt that the system was fine.
  • Hey, it’s really not necessary. I think even if you and that girl are married, there will be many problems after marriage. In fact, the system is not so good. My apprentice in the army was transferred to the XX Bureau at that time. Although he is also the section chief now, he is paid that monthly salary. Your salary is now more than twice his salary. It is normal for you to work three times or four times for a few years, right? For those who are engaged in technology, within the system, their skills are quickly obsolete, but it is actually quite good to work outside.

In general companies, different regions often have different salaries for the same position. Since the new owner is a newly established location in our city, in order to recruit people as soon as possible, the salary is the same as the general contractor we get here in Beijing, so the salary is the same. Very competitive in our local area. In a city like ours, with a salary in Beijing, I am less and less eager for the system. After the salary is high, your views on many things will change, and life will really be much easier. I used to think that my mortgage was too high, and I was completely old. My salary paid off the mortgage, and there was not a cent left. . In fact, the provident fund has already covered most of the house now. I make up a little bit, and the mortgage is no pressure for me at all. I was thinking that if I entered the system, the mortgage would still be an unsolvable problem that I worry about day and night.

I actually have some yearning for the military, how can I say about the system myself. Deep down in my heart, I have some feelings of punishing evil and promoting goodness, and I have some feelings for my family and country. However, what you may be looking forward to is often what you imagine, and the paradise you look forward to may be a cage from which others are trying to escape. I was thinking, what would happen if I passed that interview last year? It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad. But at this moment, a thought in my heart has been firmed up . All the adversity you encounter is due to a force that is pulling you and pushing you in the right direction.

The moment I failed the interview last year, I felt that the world was about to collapse. Maybe the interviewers at that time were just like the current leaders. They knew that it might not be a good thing for someone like me to go, so I chose a more suitable person. As for me, the push of fate caused me to switch jobs this year, and the leaders I met also told me something through personal experience, and I seemed to be gradually relieved.

You still have to rely on yourself

My colleagues were on business trips a week before the National Day, and only Brother Tao and I stayed at the base camp. Over dinner we talked about pensions:

  • Are you saying that our generation still receives pensions?
  • Hey, if you don’t have money, you can postpone retirement, so what else can you do?
  • This is nonsense. We pay such a high pension, and we may not get it in the end, really.
  • There is a big difference between workers and cadres. Among the relatives I know, there are both cadres and workers. Life in old age is really different, and the cadres are indeed very high.
  • My mother and their factory are all workers. Now the pension is very low. You say, what kind of pension do the children of these people pay? My parents only get that much, and I don’t know if I can get it in the future, why should I pay it. This, many people do not pay, but they have no money to send it to the elderly.
  • So you see, you can understand the professional outlook of the older generation. What kind of teachers and civil servants, according to their experience, these people’s pensions are indeed higher, and their lives are better now, although teachers are busy and can’t make money now, and civil servants are so busy that they can’t do any job well. .
  • Yes, but you see, when they were young, the treatment of those factories was very good. Who would you like to be like this decades later? We are now, who knows what it will be like in a few decades? You have to rely on yourself!

This “you have to rely on yourself!” is very intriguing. Brother Tao is a typical programmer. According to him:

I just like to write code, I don’t like to write documentation, and I don’t like to go out and brag. I did this job, and I haven’t written code for a long time. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I told the leader that I would transfer to research and development and continue to write code.

How can our generation rely on themselves? Brother Tao may want to say, don’t always think about letting the country give you the bottom line, but still have to work hard to earn money. Indeed, according to Brother Tao’s mother’s experience, when he was young, he entered a state-owned factory. At that time, the treatment was really what everyone yearned for. How could a state-owned factory go bankrupt? Up to now, civil servants, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions are indeed the iron rice bowls of the “nation’s bottom line”, but when those who choose these occupations go for the “iron rice bowls”, the burden on the country is getting heavier and heavier, who dares to take pictures Does the chest say that his job is for generations to come? Rely on yourself, after you get the “iron rice bowl”, you still don’t forget to improve your skills, instead of lying flat, relying on leadership and the country to give yourself the bottom line.

I have always felt that craftsmen rely on their own profession. We have to eat, right? There’s a chef, right? We have to get a haircut, so there’s Mr. Tony? These craftsmen who rely on their own skills for a living may not be rich or rich, but they will never be hungry.


October, there are only three months left in this year, and this year has been very happy, not only met a lot of interesting people, made more money, but more, well, I admit, made more money Very happy, I am worldly. I still have an obsession, I hope I can get married after finishing the garage. I hope to buy a car by my own efforts next year, and I hope to get married at the age of 30 the year after.

Respect and Tomorrow!

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