Little Leaf Smart Sparring Announces Brand Upgrade “Little Leaf Piano” AI Music Ecology Re-advanced

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On September 16th, Xiaoye Intelligent Sparring, a subsidiary of Xiaoye Music Technology, announced that the brand was upgraded to “Little Leaf Piano” and launched an AI self-learning piano business suitable for beginners with zero basic piano skills. The original “Little Leaf Intelligent Sparring” was renamed “Little Leaf Piano” Leaf Piano-Learn the piano and practice the piano”, to help piano lovers learn the piano easily and in a fun way, and practice the piano scientifically and efficiently. This brand upgrade marks a new stage of Xiaoye’s development from a single sparring practice to an integrated collaboration of “learning + practice”. While strengthening the AI ​​music ecological strategy and further advanced, it also represents the application of domestic AI technology in the field of assisted music learning. to expand again.

The number of users in the piano learning market driven by AI is far ahead

The brand upgrade “Little Leaf Smart Sparring” was renamed to “Little Leaf Piano”, which further clarified the leading position of Little Leaf in the piano learning market.

From the release of the world’s first smart piano – The ONE smart piano in 2014, Xiaoye started with smart hardware, to the toB’s The ONE smart piano classroom, and then to the Xiaoye sparring and artificial intelligence auxiliary software software launched around the piano learning service ——Xiaoyeye is an intelligent sparring partner, Xiaoyeye has been focusing on the field of piano, and has gradually built an AI music technology ecosystem that integrates software and hardware. At the same time, the Xiaoyeye brand continues to explore and upgrade, and the diversified business modules built with AI as the driving force cooperate with each other to promote the rapid development of the company.

Recently, Xiaoye Ye has reached a new peak again, and has won the authoritative recognition of Frost & Sullivan, a world-renowned growth consulting company, confirming Xiaoye’s No. 1 market position in China’s piano learning market, and awarded Xiaoye “National” The number of piano learning users is far ahead” certification.

It is understood that since November 2021, Xiaoye Music Technology announced that it will upgrade its strategy to build an AI music learning ecosystem. Since then, the company’s business has continued to make breakthroughs. The ONE smart piano, while continuously launching new products, has been the sales champion of Tmall Double 11 digital piano category for 8 consecutive years, covering 95 countries. Last year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the “White Paper on the Development of Online Quality Education in the Post-epidemic Era”, pointing out that Xiaoye Yee Smart Sparring ranks first among AI music education products, with users in 131 countries. In August 2022, Xiaoye Ye won the honorary title of “Specialized, Specialized and New” SMEs in Beijing issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology.

In addition to being recognized by the industry, Xiaoye Ye’s performance has continued to grow steadily. In June this year, Xiaoyeye announced that since October last year, it has achieved large-scale financial profits for three consecutive quarters, leading the industry. Subsequently, it received a C2 round of financing of tens of millions of RMB led by Zhencheng Investment, which was the largest financing in the domestic music field in 2022 at that time. , the second financing within 7 months, it can be described as bucking the trend under the capital winter.

Multi-scene applications accelerate the advancement of AI music ecology

In addition to clarifying the leading position in the piano learning market, another major highlight of this upgrade is the new business of “Little Leaf Piano-Learn Piano and Practice Piano” – “AI Learning Piano”, which allows the App to expand from a single “intelligent sparring” to “Learn + practice”, which represents the further integration of AI technology in the field of music learning, and also marks the new advancement of Xiaoye in the AI ​​music ecology.

If the release of Xiaoye intelligent sparring is the beginning of Xiaoye’s construction of software and hardware AI music technology ecosystem, and it is the application of AI technology in the direction of intelligent tool software after intelligent hardware; then the “AI learning piano” business launched this time, then It is Xiaoye’s firm AI strategy, continuing to expand in the direction of intelligent tools and software, and a new attempt to apply AI technology to different learning scenarios.

According to reports, the “AI Learning Piano” under “Little Leaf Piano-Learn Piano and Practice Piano” is suitable for beginners who have zero basic piano self-study. It aims to lower the threshold of piano learning, stimulate the interest and confidence of beginners Learning is easier and more fun. Through AI high-precision piano sound recognition technology and international authoritative textbooks, standard piano performance demonstrations and gamification AI interaction, piano learners can easily enter the piano learning state, and quickly master music theory knowledge and performance skills while learning piano in a fun way. You can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in three days, and more than 100 piano pieces such as “Swan Lake” and “City in the Sky” in one year.

The upgraded “Little Leaf Piano-Learn Piano and Practice Piano” includes two businesses, “learning” and “practice”, which can not only cooperate with each other, but also take into account the independence of operation. The original Little Leaf Smart sparring users will not need to switch the interface. , users who learn piano can complete the use process on the “Learn Piano” page, which ensures that the user’s operation process in different scenarios of piano learning and piano practice is simpler and smoother, and the experience is optimal.

This brand upgrade is an important milestone in the development of Xiaoye, and it is also the company’s 9 years since its establishment, insisting on lowering the threshold of music learning through technological innovation, and constantly exploring new achievements in the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and the field of music. It is also a new starting point for the company’s future development. .

Ye Bin, founder and CEO of Xiaoyeye Music Technology, said that we believe that AI is a technology worth digging into. In the future of music learning, AI still has a lot of room for expansion, and it is also the biggest opportunity in the industry. In the future, Xiaoye will use its leading experience in the field of artificial intelligence music to further apply more cutting-edge technologies to artificial intelligence music learning scenarios, improve user experience, and provide users with more trustworthy products and services.

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