Living alone, panties and perverts

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There is such a scene of self-protection: when a woman who lives alone hangs underwear on her balcony, she will also hang a few men’s underwear to show that she does not live alone.

However, there are several other situations that should also be considered:

  • Men who live alone hang up men’s underwear and women’s underwear on their balconies;
  • Women who live alone hang men’s underwear on their balconies;
  • Men who live alone hang all their underwear on their balconies;

If placed under the current gender issue, these three situations will lead to three conclusions respectively: “virgin self-esteem”, “female independence”, “dead perversion”.

Of course, today is not the time to discuss gender issues, because it is complex and there is no way to satisfy both sides. For example, it was often discussed in the past that women wear men’s underwear for comfort, but men who want to wear women’s underwear will be considered “perverted”.

This topic originated from an “experiment” I had a long time ago.

When I was in college, I moved out of my dormitory very early and lived near the school, so my rental house has become a “retreat” area for many people. For example, a classmate who quarrels with the other party will come to talk to me, and then eat a meal I cooked; or friends from other departments who don’t want to go to class and go to see a doctor will hide in me as a useless person, and then eat a meal I cook. or students who can’t stand the noisy environment of the dormitory and want to study quietly, will come to my place to pretend to study, and then eat a meal I cooked…

In short, I have received all kinds of male and female students here. Except that I was not allowed to vacate the room as their “gun room hotel”, basically all kinds of plots happened in the rental house-for example, the ex-boyfriend Got it, but my shared roommate is home cooking with her bf and all that. And the other main purpose is to have a meal I cooked.

But people come and go, and I have heard a lot of their stories, but they always turn the bullshit over and over again, so I always feel sorry for the meal I worked so hard to cook. So I started adding an experimental game – I didn’t name this experiment, today I decided to name it: Symbols and Information Transmission.

To give a few more interesting examples:

One time, I kept a box of condoms next to my bed, not intentionally there, but half-hidden under a book. A few days later, when I returned to my dormitory, some classmates half-joked at me and asked which classmate I brought back to sleep for the night. That is to say, I reversed the time, and it was determined that three days ago, the squad leader came to my house for a meal, and it was probably at that time that he saw the “conditions” I deliberately set. Sure enough, this fictitious news spread like wildfire.

Later, I increased the difficulty of the experiment. For example, I borrowed a book from a girl in my class who was close to me, and organized notes under the guise of borrowing it. Take her book back and put it on your desk. A few days later, another “rumor” about me spread. The female classmate stayed at my house overnight-the reason I think was that someone saw her book on my desk. And this news needs to be pushed back to five days ago. A group of classmates invited me to go shopping in the supermarket. It was probably when I was waiting for me in the room at that time that I saw the book. (But this experiment itself is dangerous, because the girl has a boyfriend)

Of course, in every experiment, I will deliberately create an “experimental environment” for them, such as asking them to wait for me in the room, I go to the bathroom, or cook them a meal.

As I mentioned before, I also formed a strange underground organization called “Zero Gravity” when I was in college. What I didn’t explain is that among them, the “poet of the sports department” and the “novelist of the business department” were considered campus figures at that time, because Their appearance is outstanding, so they are always noticed. During the existence of “Zero Gravity”, they often came to my house to eat and drink. After more visits, it was inevitable that people would be “suspected” as to why I got close to two people from other departments. So soon there were “rumors” about me again – the three of us became the “gays” of the school. My original conclusion was: If I can’t get it, I will destroy it. Because it is true that many people cannot get “poet” and “novelist”.

After the expected rumors emerged, I invited two other friends from “Zero Gravity”, two beauties from the art department, to come to my house for dinner frequently. At this time, there seems to be a paradox in the rumors, and the topic of “homosexuality” is stuck by contradictions. Later, the experiment was interrupted, because I told the members of “Zero Gravity” about the experiment, and they performed too deliberately, so that it was exposed by others as if we were deliberately misleading-of course, the final experiment stayed in one “Success”: Those who spread rumors feel that we are performing on purpose, following their guesses and performing without concealment, so they veto their own conclusions.

How did the above-mentioned experiment spread? It’s just like the underwear hanging on the balcony, because the roommates who shared the rent processed everything they saw into the most reasonable conclusion from the first perspective, thus passing on Information – of course, they are also one of my “samples”.

Well, it’s time for the conclusion— I rarely believe the information passed on, even if I go back to the first-hand information, if there is no objective description and conclusion, I usually keep an eye on such content . But this principle does not work all the time. If my wife is the first communicator, I don’t screen the information, but if she conveys the information from another person, I will rethink the information afterwards. Authenticity.

Some people will say that this is a manifestation of not having “basic trust” in people. It can also be understood in this way, but I am particularly “cautious” in the transmission of information. I have seen too many things where there are deviations in the transmission of so-called first-hand information, and these deviations are also the methods I use to “make troubles”-the so-called only hooligans know under what circumstances hooligans will play hooligans. Therefore, when the information is biased, if everyone passes it on in a biased manner, the information will be distorted in the end.

The sad thing is that even if it is sometimes traced back to the original source of information, it is still “subjective”, and the inability to objectively recount events is itself the saddest thing about “Chinese media today”. For example, when a driver causes an accident, a group of people will stare at the news and say whether it is a male driver or a female driver; or if an electric car catches fire, the first word a group of people utter must be “Tesla”. The result of information distortion is that people begin to make assumptions about information, and even become the original information transmitters, passing on information with a wrong assumption.

If you try to use the “objective transmission” method to convey the following situations:

  • Men who live alone hang up men’s underwear and women’s underwear on their balconies;
  • Women who live alone hang men’s underwear on their balconies;
  • Men who live alone hang all their underwear on their balconies;

What is the conclusion?

It’s none of my business! People like to hang whatever they like, and those who don’t wear underwear and those who hang empty gear have nothing to do with me!

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