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A very “abstract” love story was recorded in the notes of the inspiration collection. Generally, this kind of story is commonly found on short video platforms. It is the same as the previous “game advertisement that is absolutely impossible to appear on the simplified Chinese Internet” . I will read more content, I know they are stupid enough but I will be curious about how stupid it can be.

The last time I saw a plot was that a man who was busy with work early in the morning was standing next to a woman who was pissed off. The woman looked unhappy but didn’t say what happened to her. The man complains that he is working all day long while he is busy with his work, what is it that makes the woman dissatisfied. But the woman just didn’t say anything, and stuck there dumbly. In the end, the man almost collapsed. He grabbed the woman’s shoulder and asked what was wrong. No matter what the problem was, he was willing to correct it. Finally, the woman spoke about the reason why she was angry early in the morning: she dreamed that the man was chatting with other women last night. When the man heard it, he even slapped himself a few times. I have to say that in this love story, the man’s acting skills are obviously much better, especially the act of slapping himself at the end, which is very performative and expresses the character’s emotions to the extreme – there is a kind of hatred for one’s mouth that wants to be dreamed by others Chatting with other people, and hating the promise that “everything will be changed” just now.

After all, I don’t use short video platforms, so it’s inevitable to make a fuss about this kind of love jokes. But this kind of jokes are all copied and copied by a group of people. For a period of time, you will see different people with different styles performing a core script. After a while, some love jokes became popular again, and everyone turned to go there again.

The reason why I used the word “abstract” at the beginning is because this kind of joke has completely different effects on different platforms. For example, when such a love joke is posted on Weibo Douban, it will inevitably lead to a debate. In the endless gender war, women feel that this joke is vilifying women, while men feel that this joke is a real feedback on women’s unreasonable hysteria. The fun of its “abstract” lies not in the plot itself, but in people’s excessive interpretation of it, which is given “political correctness” for various reasons, and then forms a “abstract” rabble.

These love jokes do not have a “sense of humour” at all. They are all mass-produced “journals”, so it is hard to imagine whether the people who wrote these jokes are really moving from reality to art, or just copying them over and over. .

Someone put forward a point of view before, that “single people have a better sense of humor” or that “the sense of humor displayed outside will be stronger”. For example, you can open your Moments at will to see those “duozi”, especially those with a sense of humor. Generally, single people, people who are in love, or people who are married post more and more interesting?

People who hold this point of view believe that singles are “idle”, “tragedy inspires creativity” and “in reality they lack flashpoints so they use their humor as a showcase on the virtual network”, so singles are more willing to be online Show off your “sense of humour”. When they enter a relationship, this “sense of humor” is not closed, but there is no need to share it with the outside world. If the other person in love happens to be a person who understands his own humor, then the sense of humor will find the correct release. object.

If a person’s “sense of humor” released to the outside world is used as an “indicator” of whether he is single or even recognized and concerned in a relationship, it is indeed worthwhile to study – but the problem is that not everyone has it. A “proper” sense of humor.

“Love joke” is a kind of “humor”, but I think it is more “abstract” (derogatory). It is closer to a straight-line game, hitting a love story and wanting to complain about a certain love phenomenon – but it often uses exaggeration and ugliness – of course, this is the fastest way to intensify contradictions and create opposition to generate traffic The method is also the easiest way to decouple from humor.

Humor is a psychological coping mechanism, a by-product of the brain’s conflict, which helps the brain process complex and conflicting information and resolve confusing emotions. Humans understand humor by recognizing this conflict, and the most common expression of conflict is laughter. This is the official explanation of humor, but I think it’s a little less “figurative”. The humor I understand is that there is an information gap between two things, and the two figurative or abstract things are found to find a “commonality” to connect, and in the case of exerting human imagination and mobilizing human nature, make it happen. “humor”. People without a sense of humor will think you’re out of your mind because you associate “overcooked curry” with “poo”; while people with a sense of humor will see you “cooking a pictographically subtle curry” “After that, I immediately asked you the nonsensical question “Would you rather choose curry-flavored shit or shit-flavored curry” to ease the embarrassment of “the curry failed to be cooked”.

Recently, a new type of love joke is popular on IG (but I don’t think it will appear on the simplified Chinese network. If it does, it will definitely be caught by those parents who think that there are condom advertisements in the elevator and their children will learn badly after watching it. Reported), these love jokes are depicting “when a person does everything after a breakup, he will think of his ex.” Such as inserting your fingers into the round holes of the barbell plate, or squeezing thick mayonnaise on the bread, or inserting the USB into the socket – between “everything in life” and “sex” There is an information gap in itself, but as long as people’s imagination is enough, they can associate any actions such as insertion, liquid, breaking, etc. with “sex”. People don’t need to make this thing clear, just put it under the heading “When a person does everything after a breakup, they will think of their ex”, and people will mobilize their “humor” to fill in these information gaps. This is called a “sense of humour”.

“Hell Joke” and “Black Humor” refer to those dark places in the depths of human nature that are inconvenient to be displayed to outsiders. Human nature that can be awakened by a humor is ugly, which does not prove a person’s psychological distortion. This feedback reflects the “integrity” of a person.

I don’t know if there will be such people around you. They are always in a state of negative energy complaining in the circle of friends, and they do not allow others to have any “humor”, such as some humorous jokes that are popular recently, they will pick and choose among the eggs. Bone way, find the “political incorrectness” that should not be in these humors, and even stand on a higher moral high ground to criticize those humorous mobilizations that shouldn’t have “I am the only one who thinks this is boring.” “.

Don’t tell me, it is precisely this group of people who will “believe” in the lowest level of love jokes. When they see a love joke that depicts a man doing something wrong, they will conclude that men are all the same. A joke about a woman doing something wrong, they will conclude that women are not the same, or that these bitches have destroyed a woman’s own purity and self in love, and deprived herself of her qualifications to be a good woman.

As I said, this is not “humor”, but “abstract”.

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