Low Cost LLC USA Company Registration Tutorial in 2023

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Hello everyone, it has not been updated for a long time, are you still looking for a domestic agent to register a US company ? Listen to my advice, really don’t find someone to register in China. This article mainly talks about the process and cost of personal low-cost American company registration . You can register an American LLC company with a minimum of 40 US dollars (now it’s 40 US dollars in CO state ) , and also includes one-year company business address service, one-year company agency service, etc. This article will save you at least 4,000 yuan . Please collect and like it, and if you can, please follow the blogger, and I will continue to update the dry goods information. Let me tell you slowly.

EIN US Employer Identification Number DIY zero-fee application teaching

The author has been inquiring about the relevant materials of American company registration during this period of time. I have read a lot of domestic Chinese materials, most of which are written by domestic second-hand agent registration merchants. , To put it bluntly, it means that one can count as one. The author provided me with a lot of useful information through Google, some registrars with English materials, the price is really cheap, it can be said to be cheaper than domestic company registration, incredible.

In order to better carry out cross-border business, the author also just registered an American company not long ago. I registered an LLC company in WY state. Application fee ), the correct agent registration fee is 39 US dollars + the fee charged by the state government for applying for LLC . For details, you can check the US LLC fee table compiled by the author. As for the company registered in that state for non-Americans ? I recommend that individuals or small groups choose Wyoming WY when registering an LLC company, and choose Delaware DE for large companies and large organizations, and the company type registration is C-Corporation.

Today I mainly talk about Northwest Registered Agent , the US company registration agency. Northwest Registered Agent is the second largest registration agency in the United States. They provide limited liability company formation services and registered agency services in every state in the United States. If you are looking for excellent customer service and the best price, yes, I recommend you choose Northwest Registered Agent, which is cheap and beautiful, to register the US LLC company for you.

Many people on the Internet do not post discount registration links. Today I am here to give you free discount registration links.

You will be surprised to find that you enter through the official website of Northwest Registered Agent , and the fee for applying for LLC is $125 + the fee charged by the LLC state government , but through the author’s discount link, the application fee is $39 + the fee charged by the state government for LLC application .

The registration link is below:

$39 US company discount link

The author takes the company in WY state as an example, and those who want to register in other states can also choose by themselves. The required information is your address (Chinese addresses are acceptable), your email, your phone number (domestic numbers are acceptable), and dual-currency credit cards (domestic cards are also acceptable).

You don’t need a passport, you don’t need a US address , and you don’t need any friends or relatives in the US, because Northwest Registered Agent has done everything for you.

It is important to note that although a registered company does not require a passport, other businesses in the United States, such as registering an Amazon US account, stripe payment channel, square payment channel, walmart seller account, etc., all require a passport. Without a passport, your identity certificate is a big problem.

Enter the following page, click get started.

Register a US company Click the discount link

We choose LLC company registration, choose WY state, and others can be selected according to the picture below, and then click to continue.

US company registration Select company type and state of incorporation

Northwest Registered Agent provides company address for free in the first year. You can choose and fill in according to the picture below.

American LLC company Fill in the company name, business purpose, etc.

You can add multiple company members, or a single company, Address To Record With The State (address filed with the state government), you can use their address, you can also use your own address, use their address, you can protect us Of course, these can be modified after the company registration is successful.

Register LLC Company Fill in company personnel Low Cost LLC USA Company Registration Tutorial in 2023 Fill in email and password

This contact information can be the same as the legal person information in the fourth step, or it can be other people. The address can be filled with a domestic address. We usually fill in the legal person’s own information. At the bottom there is a Send A Copy Of Lawsuits And Legal Notices To Your Attorney (send a copy to your lawyer), most people do not have a US lawyer, so you don’t need to fill in this. Contact information Please fill in the real information as much as possible here, and the Northwest agency company may ask you to provide proof of contact address later.

Register a US company at low cost Fill in the contact information

You can choose according to the icon. Other services are charged. After the company is registered, you can choose in their background.

diy registered american company select additional services Low Cost LLC USA Company Registration Tutorial in 2023 Fill in credit card information Agent registration of US company order mail

Finally, we log in to the Northwest Registered Agent background with the email address and password just now, and we can see the status of the company registration. In WY state, it usually takes a few days to successfully register a company, and the overall efficiency is still very high.

serial number US state name State name in English Apply for an LLC state fee Expenses that a US LLC must report annually/biennially
1 Alabama Alabama (AL) $200 At least $100 per year
2 Alaska Alaska (AK) $250 $100 every two years
3 Arizona Arizona (AZ) $50 No fees and no information to report
4 Arkansas Arkansas (AR) $45 $150 per year
5 California California (CA) $70 $0 (Now CA registered LLC does not need to pay state government fees until June 2023) Franchise fee of $800 per year and $20 reporting fee every two years
6 Colorado Colorado (CO) $50 $10 per year
7 Connecticut Connecticut (CT) $120 $80 per year
8 Delaware Delaware(DE) $90 $300 per year
9 Florida Florida (FL) $125 $138.75 per year
10 Georgia Georgia (GA) $100 $50 per year
11 hawaii Hawaii (HI) $50 $15 per year
12 Idaho Idaho (ID) $100 No fee, but an information report is required annually
13 illinois Illinois (IL) $150 $75 per year
14 Indiana Indiana (IN) $95 $30 every two years
15 iowa Iowa (IA) $50 $45 every two years
16 Kansas Kansas (KS) $160 $50 per year
17 Kentucky Kentucky (KY) $40 $15 per year
18 Louisiana Louisiana (LA) $100 $35 per year
19 maine Maine (ME) $175 $85 per year
20 Maryland Maryland (MD) $100 $300 per year
twenty one Massachusetts Massachusetts (MA) $500 $500 per year
twenty two Michigan Michigan (MI) $50 $25 per year
twenty three Minnesota Minnesota (MN) $155 No fee, but an information report is required annually
twenty four Mississippi Mississippi (MS) $50 No fee, but an information report is required annually
25 Missouri Missouri (MO) $50 No fee and no information report required
26 Montana Montana (MT) $70 $20 per year
27 Nebraska Nebraska (NE) $105 $10 every two years
28 Nevada Nevada (NV) $425 $350 per year
29 New Hampshire New Hampshire (NH) $100 $100 per year
30 New Jersey New Jersey(NJ) $125 $75 per year
31 new mexico New Mexico (NM) $50 No fee and no information report required
32 New York state New York (NY) $200 $9 every two years
33 North Carolina North Carolina(NC) $125 $200 per year
34 North Dakota North Dakota(ND) $135 $50 per year
35 Ohio Ohio (OH) $99 No fee and no information report required
36 Oklahoma Oklahoma (OK) $100 $25 per year
37 Oregon Oregon (OR) $100 $100 per year
38 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (PA) $125 $70 per ten years
39 Rhode Island Rhode Island (RI) $150 $50 per year
40 South Carolina South Carolina(SC) $110 No fees and no need to file information reports (not the same if the LLC is taxed as an S-Corp company)
41 South Dakota South Dakota(SD) $150 $50 per year
42 Tennessee Tennessee (TN) $300 $300 per year
43 Texas Texas (TX) $300 Most LLCs have no fees, but must file a tax-free report and a public information report each year
44 Utah Utah (UT) $54 $18 per year
45 Vermont Vermont (VT) $125 $35 per year
46 Virginia Virginia (VA) $100 $50 per year
47 washington state Washington (WA) $200 $60 per year
48 west virginia West Virginia (WV) $100 $25 per year
49 Wisconsin Wisconsin (WI) $130 $25 per year
50 Wyoming Wyoming (WY) $100 At least $60 per year

Additional note: There is also a Washington DC in the United States. The English name is District of Columbia, referred to as DC, which is the capital of the United States. Register an LLC in Washington, DC. The fee for the DC is $99, and the report fee is $300 every two years. (Small knowledge: Washington and Washington DC are different, one is a state in the United States, and the other is the capital of the United States)

The annual/biennial expenses mentioned above are the expenses when the LLC is not operating. How to report the profits depends on the specific situation. The author is not an American accountant. Please consult an American accountant for specific tax issues.

For American tax accountants, the author suggests that you can look for them on the fiverr platform , and filing taxes through fiverr is also cheaper than domestic agents.

I have introduced the Fiverr platform several times. You can refer to the article about applying for ITIN through Fiverr earlier.

Today I will introduce to you how to register a low-cost American company. I hope you can share more. I will also share with you EIN registration teaching, seller’s permit registration teaching, etc., and later open some American e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart and other platforms for registration. Teaching, some corporate bank account registration methods in the United States, etc.

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