Luton is the headquarters of EasyJet

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Every August, the whole family travels . I drove to Scotland last year, and this year I went to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. There are not many options for flying from the UK to Belgrade. Finally, I choose WizzAir, which is the cheapest in Europe. Air, departing from Luton Luton.

Luton/Luton (Luton) is my first place to settle in the UK, and I have been living in this small town from 2004 to 2011 when I went abroad.

Introduction to Luton

Luton is a large town in the east of England, located in Bedfordshire. Here are some basic information and highlights about Luton:

geographic location

Luton is about 30 miles (about 48 kilometers) north of London.

Luton Airport

Luton has an international airport named London Luton Airport (London Luton Airport). It is one of the UK’s top five airports, serving numerous European and African destinations and is especially popular with low-cost airlines.

culture and history

Luton has a rich history which includes traces of Roman times. There are some old churches and other historical sites in the town. Every May holiday, Luton hosts a traditional hat festival, a tribute to the town’s historic role in hat manufacturing.


In the past, Luton was mainly known for its hat manufacturing and car manufacturing (notably Vauxhall Motors). Today, while those industries have declined, airports, services and technology companies remain major employers in the region.


Luton is home to the University of Bedfordshire, which offers students a wide range of academic and vocational programmes.

physical education

Luton Town Football Club is the town’s professional football club with a long history and passionate supporters. In 2023, Luton re-promoted to the Premier League (Premier League) after more than 30 years

Luton is a multicultural community with a wide variety of neighborhoods and activities, and is an important city in the East of England.


easyJet is a large low-cost airline headquartered in the United Kingdom. The following are some basic information and characteristics about easyJet:

Founding time and founder: easyJet was founded in 1995 by Greek businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou.


Its headquarters are at London Luton Airport.

Business model

easyJet, one of the pioneers of low-cost airlines, has a business model focused on offering no-value-added basic services, meaning passengers typically pay for many extras, such as seat selection, checked luggage and food .


easyJet offers a wide range of short and medium haul routes, covering numerous destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Near East. Due to its low-cost model, it often uses secondary airports to reduce operating costs.


easyJet’s fleet mainly consists of Airbus A319, A320 and A321 models.

Expansion and M&A

In 2002, easyJet acquired another low-cost airline, Go Fly, which greatly increased its routes and fleet size.

Environmental protection measures

easyJet has been seeking greener ways to operate its flights in recent years, including research into electric aircraft technology and improving its routing and operating strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

Brand and Culture

The brand color of easyJet is orange, which is very eye-catching. The company emphasizes its friendly, efficient and affordable service. Its advertising and marketing campaigns often highlight its low fares and wide choice of destinations.

easyJet has had a huge impact on the low-cost airline market in Europe, offering affordable flying options to large numbers of passengers while challenging the business models of traditional airlines.

Easyjet is headquartered in Luton, with the eye-catching EASYJET written on the roof of the office.

easyjet-at-luton-airport-scaled 卢顿(Luton)是EasyJet易捷廉价航空的总部 游记 生活 资讯

The office of EasyJet headquarters at Luton Airport, with the word EASYJET printed on the roof

Low-cost airlines cost money for everything

Low-cost airlines need to reduce costs, so many things have to be bought, such as seat selection, which has to be bought. Ryannair and Wizzair are low-cost airlines. We are a family of four traveling. If we want to sit together this time, we have to pay for seat selection. The average seat is 20 pounds, and it costs 160 pounds for 4 people to choose a seat. It is said that Ryanair Ryanair has to pay extra if you want to choose a window seat. This way of making money is a bit ugly.

Drinks and snacks on the plane also cost money. In 2009, I went back and forth between Geneva Airport and Luton Airport in Switzerland . At that time, I liked to buy a small bottle of tomato juice on the EasyJet plane, which was 2 pounds at that time. This time I came back for a meal on Wizz Air. Four people ordered two cups of instant noodles, three juices (one green tea and two apple juices), three bread sandwiches, and a small box of Pringles, a total of 34.5 EUR.

paid-food-drink-on-wizz-air-cheap-flight-scaled 卢顿(Luton)是EasyJet易捷廉价航空的总部 游记 生活 资讯

Spend money on food and drink on budget airlines

There is a limit on the size of luggage on the plane for free, and you have to pay extra (£40) for small suitcases on the plane, and about £80 for a 20kg piece of checked luggage.

Low-cost airlines may be cheap for personal travel with small luggage (no seat selection, random designation, no checked luggage, just a small bag for free boarding)

ryanair-it-is-in-your-pocket-solution 卢顿(Luton)是EasyJet易捷廉价航空的总部 游记 生活 资讯

Ryanair says: The solution to changing window positions is money (in your pocket)

Low-cost airlines generally have very early or late flights

It is probably because the airlines need money to apply for the route time, so usually the plane is early in the morning. This time, the flight to Belgrade (Belgrade) is at 6:20 in the morning, so I can only check in at the hotel next to Luton Airport one day in advance. , I have to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning the next day, and the hotel has breakfast at 4 o’clock. After breakfast, the whole family walks to the airport in less than ten minutes.

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