Memos Square (Telegram Channel Edition)

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When I find that I have nothing to do, I will swipe the “Beep Square” . Recently, I learned a lot of interesting and beautiful things from here. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old, and although I like to toss, I also like out-of-the-box and one-click deployment.

I also like to see the daily life shared by everyone, a photo, a complaint, a sentiment, etc., are very kind.

Looking at the blog access data, this /bbs has taken the top spot!


But when you use it yourself, you will always be confused for a moment after refreshing the page? Where did I see it last time? Is it not updated or I missed it… There is an urgent need for a timeline fixed stream instead of a front-end real-time fetch and then sorting display.

The first time I thought of the Telegram Bot, there are wheels: RSS-to-Telegram-Bot


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Interested friends, welcome to drop the rss link~

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