Mobile phone error upgrade and flash

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On Saturday, I upgraded the system of Oneplus 8T to the latest Oxygen 13 on a whim. What I got was a completely reskinned domestic ColorOS system, cheap colorful icons, and various subtle advertisements that cannot be closed. Very disgusted.

Oxygen 13

In the end, we decided to flash the phone. But considering that my previous Xiaomi was bricked by flashing, so this time I chose to pay for remote support.
After a simple search for some content, mainly based on the recommendation of this article , I chose Lineage OS , which is an open source Android ROM. I checked the official website and found it to be pretty good. So I contacted the paid flashing support on the Internet. After an hour of operation, my mobile phone became Lineage OS.

But after some simple use, I accidentally found that Google services are not included, which is completely unacceptable to me. After trying to manually install Google services and failed, I had to contact the paid flashing support to better describe my original needs

  1. Native Android or close
  2. Includes Google services

He recommends Pixel Experience, which is an AOSP-based ROM that seems to be designed to mimic the Google Pixel phone’s operating system as much as possible so that non-Pixel phone users can also experience the Pixel’s operating system. This is very consistent with my needs, so I went through another paid flashing, this time it only took 15 minutes to get it done.

Pixel Experience

Our dislike of domestic mobile phone systems is not entirely due to the prejudice of security, but also because of efficiency considerations. If we only need to be familiar with a set of Android native systems, why should we adapt to different systems? Not to mention the many stupid apps (TikTok) and ads (Xiaomi) pre-installed.

Acting impulsively without a plan often has no good results. For such a simple matter, there is still room for redemption, just wasting an afternoon. But why do we forget why we hated system and app updates before? It might just be another way to seek change.

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