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My friend launched the Moon Poetry Competition. How could I not participate?
I published my first prose poem about the moon when I was 12 years old. In rural middle school, my classmates called me a writer, and the most beautiful girl in the class asked me to send her photo to Da Nizi, a dropout from our village who had just given birth at that time. In the evening self-study, I ran back to the village under the stars. There was no door in the yard of Dani’s house. I walked in quietly and was thinking about which door to knock on. Suddenly, a big dog pounced on me and bit my leg. The lights in the yard came on and Dani’s mother came over to check on me. I was bloody. legs and immediately took out the dough for steamed buns and glued the blood on my legs. At that time, everything didn’t have a name. No one knew what my legs turned into. It was called pizza. I limped home and felt sorry for the injury. It’s an understatement, but my father is a private teacher in a middle school. He has seen all the posters in rural clinics. The scariest one is about rabies prevention and treatment. He immediately put me on his back and ran to the commune epidemic prevention center. At that time, there was no bicycle at home. I remember putting it on his back. Bumping up and down, I looked up and saw that the Banlu Xianyue Epidemic Prevention Center was three miles away from Dingjiacun. When I got there, it was almost midnight. The doctor got up lazily and said that the rabies vaccine is only for dogs, not humans.
I was going to the county epidemic prevention station for a taxi. Dad carried me for two and a half miles without saying a word. This time he couldn’t run anymore. The moon still hung in the sky like the sickle my father wielded in the wheat field in summer. To make a long story short, finally at midnight After I was vaccinated against rabies, I didn’t become afraid of water or light or bark like a dog like in the poster.
I didn’t die 100%. I later got admitted to high school and then to university, ranking first in the county. However, we are a backward and poor county, so this score is nothing. Dad’s efforts seem to have been in vain. He has reduced the probability of a human tragedy. Arrived at 0
Science saved me. Now that I am tweeting here, I suddenly realize that those verses about the moon are nothing. In the beginning, God created light on the first day when he created the heaven and earth.
The next day the sky was created,
On the third day he created the earth and its plants. On the fourth day he created two great lights, the greater light to rule the day.
Little Guan Ye,
I think this is the moon. On the fifth day, I created fish and birds. On the sixth day, I created animals on land. I also created humans according to my own imagination. So my dad and I are born. What does the moon mean? In the eyes of God, they are just nothing. A creature sandwiched between cabbage and small yellow croaker. I can buy things just by strolling around the vegetable market. The only thing that is noble is human beings because they are made in the image of God himself. When I look at the moon, the moon is also looking at me. The moon shines on the unfortunate people. The moon also shines on the happy ones. The moon sees a father running wildly with his son on his back under it. The moon also sees the late tears falling from the face of the boy on his back after 40 years. The moon envies all of this. This expression of human love is nothing but heavenly. Shadow of Love, you are so bad, but you know how to save your son from an evil death. Wouldn’t your father in heaven be more worried about your safety? Wouldn’t he also hold you on his back to escape the more terrifying beast? Father, I believe you. You use the moon to shine on me and also on my human father


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