Murders in Antarctica (10) – The Successor

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“What do you mean?”

“You are the successor. Now that your predecessor has passed away, the will says that the successor is the only heir to the inheritance. But you have the right to choose. If you choose to inherit, you must accept the memory and inheritance of the predecessor at the same time.”

“I have parents, not stepchildren.”

“We have records that your DNA fingerprint is consistent with the information provided by the deceased man, but you can choose to give up.”

“Um, but I’m a woman.”

“Second birth technology existed in the 1940s. You were already very mature at the time of implantation. It was a matter of a Y chromosome. It was considered popular at that time for your predecessor to choose a female successor. It is free and tolerant. At the same time, he also removed puts you at a lot of genetic risk.”

“I said, I’m not a successor.”

“The identity of the successor has indeed been kept secret for a long time, but now your predecessor has passed away, and we are also visiting according to the wishes of the deceased. You can ask your adoptive parents. The confidentiality agreement has expired.”

“You said I was cheated by my parents for almost thirty years?”

“This is not deceit. In the past, successors were discriminated against. You can see it as a kind of protection.”

“Why should my predecessor be the successor?”

“Sorry, we don’t know, but if you choose to inherit the memory, you may be able to know the answer.”

“Does that old thing just want to be reborn from me?”

“Don’t worry, the current memory inheritance technology will not affect the existing memory. If you don’t like brain-computer interface implantation, you can also choose the traditional memory recording method. The system will organize your previous memory into multimedia data for you to browse.”

“That is not mandatory?”

“That’s not true. Your predecessor used the multimedia materials he left behind to generate a virtual intelligence. You only need to pass his test to get the inheritance.”

“First of all, I am a resident of the Free League, and property means little to me; second, I am me, and have nothing to do with this wretched old man; third, he should die with dignity, don’t make trouble.”



“Your answer is consistent with the description in the will. Your predecessor pre-judged your answer and set it as a condition for direct inheritance.”


“We did prepare his virtual intelligence, but he made it clear that if you ask him to die with dignity, then we will immediately delete all traces of him in the world.”

“Now I’m a little curious about what he left behind.”

“The information has been deleted, but maybe you can find some traces from the heritage.”

“What legacy?”

“Your predecessor bought a storage unit on the moon, where everything should be, and you have now opened access permissions.”

“The moon? Doesn’t it only take the Xingang passage?”

“Yes, so you still need the currency of Xingang City. Your predecessor did have a property and some funds in Xingang City.”

“He’s from Newport City? So…”

“Well, he was the first batch of infected and survivors of the coronavirus.”

“Then I…”

“Don’t worry, you were implanted before the corona virus appeared, so there is no chance of infection.”

“The cause of his death is also…”

“It’s not a sequelae, it’s the super-resistant bacteria infected by eating seafood indiscriminately.”

“Doesn’t that mean that it will be completely ashes?”

“Well, it should be thrown into the sea. If you want to remember us, you can help burn it into diamond jewelry. There is no limit to this will.”

“I have nothing to do with him. Does he have no relatives?”

“Yes, but the elders have passed away, and there are not many contacts with the same generation, so you should be the only descendant.”

“Has he never married?”

“There is no record. Xingang City’s records are always incomplete, and some cases are not mentioned in the will. In addition, it is required to declare according to the regulations. We are not sure whether there is any other person’s information in your genetic information. According to the customs at the time , your predecessor may have integrated the genetic fingerprint provided by other people’s genetic information. For example, your appearance is very different from your predecessor’s, but he should have obtained authorization, or used donations from early volunteers. After all The previous successor plan was used to solve the problem of population collapse, and it was legally required to comply with the principle of informed consent, but it was only later that it became a single-parent succession.”

“The last question, what did he do during his lifetime?”

“Just like you, a magician.”

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