myth busting

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I escaped the wave of large-scale infection of the new crown last year, thinking that I may be a blessing in disguise because of “rhinitis”. He has always claimed to “maintain a sense of awe” in his mouth, and imagined that by admitting counsel-“sooner or later, he will not be able to escape”-to get forgiveness and let go of the new crown god; in behavior, he almost completely gave up wearing masks and went to various There is no need to worry about crowded places. After the Spring Festival, I heard that there are still talents “Chuyang”, and not long after Labor Day, there are more and more news about people “Fuyang” and “Chuyang”. Just last Thursday, I left a message under a “Chuyang” message in Moments in the morning. In the afternoon, my throat started to send bad signals. I confirmed with a friend that it was the same type of symptoms: dry throat, itching, and burning sensation. When I got home at night, I felt a fever. At the beginning, I was still holding the fluke of “maybe I just caught a cold”, but the positive self-test on Friday morning made people realize the reality completely, abandon the fantasy, and face it seriously: the main reason is to ensure that they take medicine three times a day after meals and insist on eating regularly , until this Tuesday. In terms of symptoms, there is nothing special. After communicating with people, I found that it basically followed the general rule: I started to have a fever on Friday and lasted until Monday. I started to have a runny nose on Saturday. From Saturday night to Sunday morning, I felt less fever. I took a bath in the afternoon, and then I started to have a fever (not sure if it has something to do with the bath). On Monday, my throat hurts when I swallowed it. I started to drink porridge and started to have a fever on Tuesday. It’s not obvious, but I started to cough, and I’d break out in a cold sweat after drinking porridge, and the back of my neck was sore. Wednesday was today, and my self-test turned negative, but I still coughed and broke out in a cold sweat from time to time. Because it’s a late episode, I’m not surprised by the positive result. Strange, not only was I not very nervous mentally, but there was a kind of unreasonable optimism in my mentality: I always felt that it was not a new crown at the beginning. After the self-test was positive, I felt that there was no razor blade throat at the beginning, but the fever should get better soon. On Sunday morning, I found that my body temperature had remained normal for a whole night plus half a day. In addition, when I walked around the house in the morning, I suddenly felt an “urge to exert strength” on my body on the third day at home, so I changed my cautious style. , took a shower… and then ushered in a counterattack of body temperature, and a series of follow-up symptoms. Since then, the optimism in my mentality has been shattered, and I even changed to a painkiller and fever reducer on Monday, ready to fight a protracted war. Fortunately, today’s self-test has turned negative, so I will write it down while I am deeply impressed.

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