Need something to listen to to focus or fall asleep? There is also the option of Mind FM

As a digital migrant worker, when I don’t need to communicate with people, I’m used to wearing headphones and listening to some music, so that I can enter and maintain a pleasant state of focus faster.

From listening to my favorite pop songs in the early years to letting the algorithm recommend them, to only listening to white noise and classical music, and then falling in love with LoFi music in the past two years, obviously, as I grow older and my taste changes, I am picky. I also understand myself better. There are so many platforms and tools that provide music, but I haven’t found a product that uses music to enhance personal concentration. I simply developed one with my friends, called Mind FM .

music for focus and sleep

Music may be one of the few remaining magics in the world. There are many theoretical supports for using music to improve concentration, so I won’t go into details. The question is, what type of music enhances or improves focus? I sent the article “What should I listen to in the office?” ——Focusing on Music Type Analysis” has already answered this question very well.


Combining our own preferences and copyright considerations, we currently add three types of focused music to Mind FM:

  1. LoFi music: Two years ago, I came across LoFi music by accident and fell in love with it. Think back to those soft BGMs you hear in clothing stores or cafes, lazy beats and repetitive melodies, although creating a sense of alienation and loneliness, it is unexpectedly suitable for concentration .
  2. Deep Brainwave: It should not be too much to introduce.
  3. Classical music: It can be described as enduring magic, currently supported by access to Apple Music.

Put on the headphones, turn on Mind FM, play music, and you can start focusing.

It is worth mentioning that each song has been manually selected by us. Not to say how good our music taste is, but to ensure that they are suitable for a focused atmosphere (for example, classical music with opera lyrics will not be selected), and each song will not jump too much, avoiding abruptness and interference You focus.

Except for Deep Brainwave, LoFi and classical music are all played in one playlist, played randomly. You can switch to the next track, but you can’t choose it yourself. Why? We encourage you to “get lazy” and waste your precious attention by choosing too many options. The focus should be on what you want to focus on getting done.


In addition to focusing, Mind FM is also equipped with three types of music for sleep scenes: relaxation songs before bed, brainwaves for deep sleep, and classical music suitable for sleep (Apple Music is also required).

Concentration and sleep quality are important personal productivity, and I hope music can help.

Mix and match white noise


When it comes to music for concentration and sleep, classic white noise is of course indispensable.

We have integrated more than a dozen classic white noises for Mind FM, such as rain, ocean waves, bonfires, streams, cafes, etc. Whether you listen to LoFi, Deep Brainwave or classical music, you can mix and match according to your preference, and each You can freely adjust the volume of all kinds of sounds (however, since the Apple Music interface is not yet perfect, it is impossible to freely adjust the volume in the app, I hope they will improve it as soon as possible).

You can even just listen to white noise. Personally, I love listening to LoFi with ocean waves at work, and falling asleep to some rain on my lunch break.

Timing and Tag Statistics


As an application that focuses on improving concentration and assisting sleep, Mind FM is also equipped with timing and labeling functions, to remind yourself to combine work and rest, and to record the time spent under different labels.

In terms of timing, you can choose to count down or count up. Let me talk about a small detail – in terms of countdown, you can choose whether to remind you when the time is up:

  • Reminder: I am not a strict Pomodoro Technique user, but I am also used to using 25 minutes as a working period at work. So, I’ll count down 25 minutes while I’m working, and when the time comes, Mind FM will pause the music to remind me to take a break.
  • No reminder: Occasionally, I have insomnia at night and want to listen to brain waves for half an hour to fall asleep. Then, when half an hour arrives, Mind FM will pause the music, but it will not send a reminder to avoid waking me up.


In terms of tags, Mind FM has built-in tags for work, study, reading, and nap. Of course, you can also customize one.

Tags are used in conjunction with timing. After the timing is complete, you can view the time usage of different tags in different ranges such as today, yesterday, and this week on the statistics page.

future plan

Mind FM has achieved 80% of what we originally envisioned, and we are quite satisfied with using it, but we also know:

  • Turnips and vegetables, everyone has their own preferences, especially what type of music to listen to in order to concentrate and sleep, it is really difficult to agree. We are also observing and testing more types of music, such as electronic music, it is not impossible. Jumping out of one’s own cognition and taste, trying more choices, and understanding different people’s understanding of different music preferences also opens up our vision of how music affects brain work. If you know good music for concentration or sleep, please recommend it!
  • It is natural for a product to have limited capabilities, and no matter how optimized iteratively it is impossible to be perfect. In fact, judging from the vast majority of product cases, it has exacerbated the bloat and death of the product. Therefore, Mind FM can only “take three thousand weak waters, just take a scoop to drink”. In our opinion, what is reasonable, useful, or meets our taste (such as accessing Spotify, adapting to iPad, etc.), we will iteratively add it.


Mind FM was launched on the App Store at the end of last year, and several small versions have also been optimized. Friends who use Android are sorry, we really have no spare time to develop the Android version.

Mind FM adopts a pay-added value-added model. Subscription members can unlock all types of music, white noise, and custom label functions for concentration scenes and sleep scenes. You can subscribe monthly with the price of a breakfast (6 yuan), or subscribe annually with the price of two cups of coffee (48 yuan), or even buy a lifetime subscription with the money of a hot pot meal (178 yuan).

What are your usual habits of listening to music to concentrate or sleep, and what type of music do you listen to? Welcome to comment and share, I will pick (very subjective) 1 to give a lifetime membership, 3 to give an annual membership.

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